US Media: The End of Life on Earth…Not Newsworthy

So the end of life on Earth seems to be heading our way a a faster clip than ever imagined and our news networks don’t think we need to know this. Why would they refuse to alert the public about the melting glaciers? Why don’t they think that a new nuclear arms race is something we should know about? Why wouldn’t they want to let us know about the massive germ warfare programs that have be resurrected by the Bush administration?

Just so you can not call me crazy I will not suggest any reason why these news agencies choose not to alert you about this type of information. I will however ask you if you can think of one single reason why “journalists” would not want to inform the public about this vital information. Well, I’m waiting…answer away…then when you can not think of any reason you may start believing people like me for a change! Think about it!

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  1. madashell says:

    Well, we are all pretty helpless at this point to do much to stem the destruction of America but that has been going on since before I was born and I am 65 years old! But I came up with something even someone who is handicapped like I am can do to put a kink in the system. My proposal; A modification on the theme TV New Lies, change that to TV Lies! Now here is how you can combat this menace to society. We all know the news lies but so does the myriad of televison commercials that seduce us into going into debt. Watching a good movie turns sour after the domino effect with commericals. Notice how they increase towards the end of the film? It’s real simple, cut the cord to your TV, cable or disnetwork. I did about a month ago and my life changed for the better. I love movies so for $9.99 from Netflix I see all the movies that I want. I went back to reading books, remember that activity? Can you imagine if thousands of us cut those ties to TV Lies? Just do it! Your kids will bitch but they will thank you when they get older, mine did believe me!

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