Question for the Media; Are You With the Good Guys, or Against Them?

There are 100 Senators. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. There are about 6 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are several thousand people who comprise the top echelons of our executive branch.

There are almost 300,000,000 Americans. When the overwhelming majority of Americans learn what really takes place in our government and perhaps realize their involvement in the massive deception of the American people, the events of 9/11 and the many actions that are resulting the an accelerated end to life on Earth…what do you think they will do?

When 300,000,000 people are pushed to the point where they had enough what do you think that ruling inner circle will be able to do in order to prevent justice from being served? Where do you think the members of the media will be able to hide once their complicity is discovered by the whole of the population?

A little food for thought for the members of the media. As information spreads to the masses about events such as 9/11, the attack on our Constitution, fake terror, and the murdering of our planet via environmental terrorism the American people are going to realize that you have been deceiving them all along. They will realize that you have protected the enemies of democracy, peace, freedom and liberty. You have protected the enemy and endangered Americans. When enough people realize this, and they will, you may regret not siding with the good guys.

300,000,000 Americans can not remain in an information vacuum forever. Think about what “could” happen if they enter the reality based world and realize who the real bad guys are? So I ask you, members of the media, are you with the good guys, or against them? Think about it!

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