George W. Bush - Helping the Advancement of Human Extinction

Thanks do the naïve irresponsibility of humans and the short sighted urgings from religious institutions, humans will advance their own path to extinction rather quickly. Every time I hear about one of my friends having a “third” child I can’t help but to ask myself how stupid, shortsighted and selfish these people are. If 3 people are created for every 2 people living (if every couple had 3 children), we would run out of food, space, energy, air, etc. Our oceans are already dying. Food supplies are already dwindling and our atmosphere can not handle any more greenhouse gas, something that is required for each human living in modern society. So without any help our own selfish stupidity will lead to our demise.

But we don’t have to worry about that. We will never reach the point where we have to struggle for the items necessary for our survival. Why, you ask? Because the Bush administration is already tending to our demise. They are seeing to it that enough people will die from other causes that we can continue our selfish approach to the game of life. Enter the latest Bush policy of mass destruction; nuclear proliferation. The Bush gang has already established policies that will result in massive scale death in the areas of national (lack of) security, the environment, (lack of) health care, the economy, war and general human safety misinformation. Now they have a stepped up effort to bring new nuclear weapons into existence.

You have to hand it to these guys. As a betting person I appreciate their notion of fair odds. They don’t want us to chance our extinction on our own effort, they want to shift the odds in our favor! We are no longer trying to kill ourselves on our own…the Bush administration is going to see to it that your government helps us to “accomplish this mission!” Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    You’re right Jesse, and while we die he will be on vacation, eating cake, strumbing a guitar, fishing and relaxing and all American will give a damn but him and his friends and no one will do a bloody thing to help us.

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