Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can’t Deny the Holocaust!

So if you deny the Holocaust you go to jail but if you deny billions of years of evolution it becomes required teaching in American schools. First off I want to make it clear that I am in no way shape or form denying the Holocaust! I am however pointing out the mind blowing hypocrisy here.

Someone tell me why we can deny any other historical event, including history itself. We can declare historical events without having any proof that they happened or existed (like the entire bible and the existence of God). But if you dare question the events that took place during World War II you go to jail! Something is very disturbing about this. Why is one form of outrageous claim permitted and the other punishable by imprisonment?

At least we have the means to prove that the Holocaust took place. If someone does not believe it then show him/her the proof. If they still don’t believe it then we should treat that person the same way that we treat people who see proof of stolen elections, government complicity in 9/11, evolution, secret societies, Satanist cabals, etc., yet they don’t believe that proof. Why are Holocaust deniers the only people who have to believe the proof that is presented to them? Who set this special standard and why? Who are the people who decide which segments of the historical record must be accepted by the public? If the answers are so clear why would someone who denies the Holocaust be such a threat to society that they have be imprisoned? Who would be so concerned about these deniers? I don’t get it. What am I missing here?

If someone does not believe that you have a penny in your pocket, show him the penny. Problem solved. Don’t arrest him for claiming that you don’t have a penny. If it is OK for people to declare as truth that some penny fairy placed the penny in my pocket it should be OK for someone to claim that I don’t have the penny. It is easier for me to educate the person who thinks I do not have the penny than it is for me to demand proof that a fairy gave me my penny. Can you say “hypocrisy?” Even better can you say “insanity?” Think about it!

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2 Responses to “Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can’t Deny the Holocaust!”

  1. popol vuh says:

    Third Rail.


  2. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

    How about this question: Why, when you deny that the act of aggression against Iraq was justified, are you called a “terrorist” and a “traitor”, by your own countrymen?

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