Bush Was Correct, The Mission WAS Accomplished! A Confession to the Lies That Led to War

George W. Bush was correct when he declared “mission accomplished” shortly after the invasion of Iraq. Unfortunately Bush lied to America about what the mission was and now the media are in full swing history revision mode as they continue “their” relentless “mission” of deception the people.

What we are witnessing these days on a minute by minute basis is an admission to the lies that took us to war, but nobody has the courage to say this.

The “mission,” as we were told by George W. Bush, the PNAC warmongering 9/11 conducting administration and their covert accomplices known as the US news media, was to FIND AND DESTORY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IN ORDER TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM A GRAVE THREAT! Well, that mission was indeed accomplished in a sense. Actually that mission resulted in a realization that the mission was a mistake and deserved a loud and humble apology to the world by George W. Bush and his media lapdogs. It was the equivalent of an arrest, conviction and death sentence of a criminal suspect who is found to be innocent after the fact. Of course this would only be addressed if the mistake was an honest one, and not one that was designed to permit the killing of an innocent victim.

Now, we are being told our mission in Iraq can potentially fail. What mission is that? We did not agree to start a war for the purpose of spreading democracy. That was not the mission. That was not what our troops were told when they were dropping bombs on Iraqis, torturing people, killing families at checkpoints, or simply conducting their mission of massive collateral damage. Our troops did not die because they went to fight in the Iraqi revolutionary war! They were not exposing themselves to uranium radiation because they wanted to bring about a change in the political system in Iraq. We were told that we started this war in order to prevent a mushroom cloud from forming on US soil. That’s it. That was the mission. Period, end of story.

The surreal faux world we see on TV each day becomes more detached from reality by the minute. The mission ended at the very moment a potential threat to the US was eliminated. In that sense there was no real mission because there was no real threat so the mission itself became invalid.

So when we hear about the mission or goal of the administration being in danger, we are actually hearing an admission to the fact that they did indeed lie to America, to Congress and to the troops about the mission itself. This is a crime. It should be treated as a crime. We are hearing the confession every day now; when are the law enforcement officials in our government going to act on this confession and finally arrest the criminals in the Bush administration, in the media and in the military leadership (perhaps the most vile of the criminals for they lied their troops to death) of our nation. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Well said as usual Jesse, I have wondered that myself many times. I also have asked my representatives in the government the same question many times. WHat good is democracy if there is no peace? What good is demcracy if you don’t have lights and water, schools, hospitals. I wonder why we keep killing the Iraqi people when we were going to free them from a bad leader? How much more does George have to do before we finally have justice?

  2. popol vuh says:

    In a just world you’d be in the NYT Op-Ed pages three days a week.

    You put those hacks over there to shame.


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