TVNL Radio Challenges the Freepers!

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Today I am issuing a direct challenge to Bush supporters. I challenge them on the facts. I challenge them on the issues. I challenge them to prove that the have even the slightest bit of information about the people in the Bush administration, their philosophies, their histories and their conduct.

I will be reading the posts found on the website. I will be reading and critiquing the responses to the posts. I will offer the members of that website a chance to debate me on the issues as I expose their lack of knowledge and their lemming mentality. I will show you how these people thrive on mutual group political masturbation. I will show you how these people have given up on the notion of thinking for themselves.

Are you up for the challenge? I hope they are! Think about it!

One Response to “TVNL Radio Challenges the Freepers!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Jesse, this is GREAT!
    Will you PLEASE do this for the “Daily Kos” Sheeple? They think that site is “true” Democrats, for god’s sake!

    p.s. Ann Coulter is a dick.

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