George W. Bush, One Lying Son of a Bitch

Enough is enough. Political correctness is no longer an option when discussing George W. Bush or the members of his administration. They are very simply lying bastards who have done and continue to do irreversible harm to the world.

In tonight’s speech, Bush managed to use the word “terror” or “terrorist” 31 times during the first 25 minutes.. He referenced 9/11 6 times. He invoked the name of Osama bin Laden 3 times.

By once again connecting the PNAC plan to invade Iraq with the events of 9/11, George W. Bush clearly proved that he is one lying son of a bitch. Let me remind the idiots who support this murderous criminal that Iraq was not even on America’s list of terrorist nations prior to the invasion. Just ask Colon Powell and Condoleezza Rice, both of whom declared Iraq to be no threat to America or the region PRIOR to the invasion!!!

During the post speech discussions on CNN the 2 Senators speaking discussed the benchmarks of progress in Iraq. They spoke of an Iraq that posed no threat to their neighbors and did not harbor terrorists as a primary goal. THAT WAS WHAT IRAQ WAS BEFORE THE GOD DAMN INVASION! Are they crazy or are they lying? You know the answer!!! THEY ARE LYING! The Democrats, the Rebublicans and the media are all lying! That’s all they have done for years! They are criminals they they deserve to have their careers ended and they deserve to be jailed for life for crimes against humanity!

Here is a little stat for you: George W. Bush’s environmental policies will result in the death of more human beings than in all wars combined. By virtue of his environmental policies alone, George w. Bush is a far greater threat to your well being and to our planet than any anything else on the planet other than total nuclear war. At this very moment his administration is reconstituting the production of nuclear materials that have not been produced since the end of the cold war. One speck of this plutonium can give you cancer. This is what George W. Bush contributes to the security of the world. He and his administration are the greatest threat to life on earth and they are in the midst of destroying our nation as well, by dismantling our Constitution, our civil rights, our economy and our general quality of life. Any president worth his salt would want to make the American people feel safe. George W. Bush wants to keep you frightened, and you should be. Only you should not be afraid of the enemies he points to, you should be very afraid of his policies, his administration and his lies.

(Example of the Bush administration changing scientific data in a criminal manner. This is one of many examples of such manipulation of science. In other words it is an example of LIES! LIES that get ignored my the media and can have lethal ramifications! Snip: “They rewrote everything. It’s a crime,” said Erick Campbell, a former biologist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who wrote the sections of the report that address the effects of the new rules on wildlife. “This is a whitewash — they took all of our science and reversed it 180 degrees.” Where is the media? What do the idiot Bush supporters have to say about this? How stupid will they feel if they ever researched the lying bastard who they support without question?)

George W. Bush never told America about the plans made by his Project for a New American Century administration. He never told this nation that Iraq was a stable nation, however undemocratic, that never threatened a single American life. He never told this nation that his invasion and that of his father killed more people than Saddam ever did, and that George W. Bush’s father and our current Defense Secretary were the ones who helped Saddam KILL HIS OWN PEOPLE in the first place!

He never told this nation that Dick Cheney’s company was doing illegal business with Saddam while he was CEO of Halliburton.

George W. Bush is simply the biggest liar to ever grace our TV sets with the exception of Dick Cheney who has yet to utter a single true statement of any importance.

Our media continue to ignore the relentless lies coming from this bastard. They too are lying bastards; but that is so obvious that it is not worth mentioning at this point.

How long are we going to take it?

Note to the military: It is getting pretty damn hard to support you when I watch you cheer this vile criminal as he lies to you and asks you to die for his PNAC handlers. Iraq was not your enemy and they were not threatening our liberty, our freedom or our safety. You swore to protect our liberty, freedom and our Constitution. You did not swear to achieve the goals of the ruling elite. Wake up and start understanding that it is the anti-war movement who support you while your commander in chief lies to you. Start thinking for yourself. Would you rather have a yellow ribbon on your grave or would you rather have the support, admiration and appreciation of the anti-war community who spend their lives looking out for your best interest?

How many more uninformed lemmings will sign up to the military in order to fight a war that is based 100% on lies? How many more people are going to blindly march to their deaths and blindly murder innocent people at the behest of the ruling elite? Let me remind these military lemmings that no nations ever started a war. Only leaders start wars. Without you they are impotent and they can cause no harm to the world. George Bush and his entire administration are chickens; they never fought for this country. They never defended their fellow Americans. They did everything they could to avoid serving their nation yet they use and abuse the members of the military as if they were nothing more that numbers on a chart. It’s their war, it is not yours! Let them give their lives for this wonderful cause.

I am sorry if offended anyone and at the same time I say too bad. Enough is enough. Our military have to stop cheering the commander in chief because he is a lying son of a bitch!

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  2. iamerican says:

    More than lying scum, Bush is a traitor - in on 9-11. Read David Ray Griffin’s “The New Pearl Harbor” to gain absolute moral certainty that Bush and Cheney are traitors.

    No Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon…it was obviously a missile:
    , and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta swore testimony of his witness of Cheney’s conduct ordering a stand down in the WH basement to the second 9-11 Commmission hearing. The Booker Elementary “My Pet Goat” fiasco seemed incredible…and it was.

  3. Olivia says:

    Boy, O, boy! Music to my ears. I listend to his speech for three minutes and tlsob is still pushing that 911 was the reason for invading Iraq. Hey Jesse! Keep it up. Its wonderful to hear the truth!

  4. fido says:

    I wonder if, like Saddams statue, the troops cheering Bush are a handpicked group who are there for the U.S. public and medias sake. I don’t think they cheer for everybody there. Unfortunately, once in Iraq, what choice, outside of desertion or shooting their officers, do they have?

  5. dysprod1975 says:

    The Bush Administration stage-manages everything. Georgie-Boi uses the same excuses over and over again and his braindead followers eat it up like zombies looking for fresh blood. Jesse, I’m glad I found this blog. I’ll get you listed on mine ASAP after Mike Malloy tonight.

  6. Edward J.Egan says:

    Wonderful news to read the gut feelings of a citizen who is sick and tired of being mis-informed and lied to by his government officials.
    I also am taken back by the “easy” playground the major TV Networks have given this administration;when do the networks simply say,”Mr.President,do you think it is best to fill the ranks of the military with poor and low income youth? How do you explain the lack of youth from wealthy families not volunteering for service in Iraq? Is the War in Iraq only important to low income or low middle income youth?Do you believe that youth from wealthy families are shirking their duty to serve their nation in time of need?How do you explain their lack of sense of duty to country?I sthere some fcats that wealthy children possess that others do not?”

  7. Edward J.Egan says:

    Excuse my typing error,,,last question should read,Are there some facts that wealthy children possess others do not?”

  8. AmericanMan says:

    I am just thankful that our servicemen are out there serving faithfully, which by the way, is what they respect most about their president. He is consistent, and resolute, and NEWSFLASH right. The servicemen serve so faithfully so that people like you can enjoy the freedom to spew filth and bitterness without worrying about being persecuted. President Bush (MY President), is not perfect, but he is the right man for the job. It only stands to reason that he was blessed with a second term. He’s made a difference where it has counted most. You are probably one of those griped about Ronald Reagan as well. I’m not surprised. Doing the right thing isn’t popular, it simply right. Thanks for not running for president.
    –An American Man

  9. MichaelBN says:

    I had to register when I came across the last response.

    The last response didn’t address why WMD weren’t mentioned in the June 28 speech.

    The last response didn’t address why Bush was telling us that war would be used as a last resort when, as many of us suspected at the time and ALL of us know now, he had his mind made up to invade Iraq from the day he took office. Lying to the American Congress and to the American people is a high crime. Much worse when people die than when a president gets a blow job.

    The last response didn’t address why the 9/11 Commission found no connection between 9/11/01 and Iraq.

    The last response didn’t address why Bush said that he wasn’t concerned with capturing bin Laden at one point and then pulled his name out of his ass during the 6/28/05 speech.

    The last response did exactly what Bush has trained his blind followers to do.

    The last response tried to intimidate by insult.

    The last response tried to portray dissent as un-American when it’s dissent against the government that helped make this a free country.

    The last response tried to make those of us who KNOW that Bush is doing exactly the WRONG thing to make our country safer seem to not care about the troops when it is we who want to see them returned to their homes safely. How is perpetuating the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq supporting them?

    The last response blindly talked about MY PRESIDENT which, sadly, is not far from Mein Führer.

    Thank you for speaking your mind with the kind of political correctness that Bush used when he called someone who attended one of his lying speeches an ass-hole.

    Thank you for speaking your mind with the kind of political correctness that Cheney used when he told Senator Leahy to “go fuck yourself”.

    That’s the kind of filth that, I guess, is OK to use according to the last responder.

    That and the filth that is exhibited by Bush when he murders more and more young American soldiers.

    How can we feel any empathy for those who claim to love America when they so obviously hate Americans!

  10. Jesse says:

    AmericanMan…you may want to be less faithful and you might want to check into the facts.

    Supporting your president simply because he is your president is just about the least patriotic and most anti-American thing you can do. America was founded on checkes and balances. Your job as a citizen is to hold your government accountable. Try doing it some time.

  11. denek says:

    Maybe he wasn’t lying when connecting the PNAC agenda and 9/11. Remember, they wanted a “Pearl Harbor” event. The facade of an investigation certainly was anything but an investigation. Absolutely no attempts to thwart anything taking place on that morning. Buildings collapsing (the first time in history steel structures totally collapse “due to fire” (the fire at the Pentagon was extinguished in a matter of minutes - jet fuel burns quite rapidly). Dov Zakheim (PNAC member and ex-president of a comapny that produces devices to fly 767’s remotely. How many times have you recorded phone messages from your cell phone? It was done quite freely during the flights of these planes. I could go on, but I as stated above, there was no investigation. So, maybe (actually quite possibly) Bush wasn’t lying when he tied the Iraq invasion to 9/11, but for reasons other than what he wants us to believe.

  12. denek says:

    Sorry, forgot to finish comment about Dov Zakheim — at the time of 9/11 he was the CFO of the Pentagon, having since resign in Spring 2004, at which time $400,000,000 were unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget. He also arranged for some thirty-five 767 tankers to be leased by the government.

    9/11 is used much to often as a reason for thwarting individual’s rights, invading foreign countries at will, etc. — but don’t give these neo-cons credit for being imaginative…the Reichstag Fire achieved the same results for the Nazis 70 years ago. Study their playbook and you will better see what is being done in the United States — curtail civil rights, unwarranted arrests of self-perceived enemies, detention camps erected, unprovoked invasions of countries, build a corporate-friendly nation, lies all backed up by the media propaganda machines (the Nazis handed out free radios that were only able to receive their frequencies. We have Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Clear Channel) and more.

  13. Olivia says:

    “In this time of testing,” Bush said, “I ask every American to find a way to thank men and women defending our freedom — by flying the
    flag, sending letters to our troops in the field, and helping the military family down the street.”

    1841 dead. Testing for what? For final exams? Thus the idiot spake. Those men and women should be here at home to defend the freedom of the people. The American people against the tyranny of your ineptness, Mr. Bush. These numbers lie. We are never told of the death of soldiers who die in hospitals in Germany and in military hospitals here in the US. With audacity this contemporary butcher of Baghdad tells us to send letters to our troops in the field, while his buddy, Rumsfeld fails to send them armored vehicles and body armor. It is now our duty, if we listen to this moron, to comfort the families of the dead. Isn’t it ironical that while he urges us to “help the military family down the street,” the SOB has never attended one funeral of the fallen? His words add insult to injury. “Its hard work,” the village idiot further states. So if it is hard work and the
    record shows that you are not apt to perform the work as President of the U. S. why don’t you quit? Foolish question. I know, I know. I know the answers to that. There is a lesson to be learned from that movie titled “The Perfect Storm.” The Andrea Gail captained by Capt. Billy Tyne, despite the warnings of a storm, decides to stay the course. Stayed the course he did, not withstanding his better judgment. Billy Tyne was an experienced sailor. He was not a novice sailor. Was it sheer arrogance and greed that sent him and all members of the crew to their deaths? When he decided to turn back, it was too late. Sooner or later the US will have to turn back, but without an exit strategy Mr. Bush will have to continue “testing” just how much he can fool the people. He will have to continue testing with how much more lies he can away with. So far these are the
    only missions he has accomplished.

  14. It should be clear to all informed citizens of the USA that the 9/11/01 attacks were part of a larher conspiracy to install a malevolent, plutocratic, quasi-fascist (likely to be far worse thany anything associated with Mussolini, however) regime, through scaring the citizenry into believing such were was necessary in in order to prevent their cities from being nuked by Al-Qaeda operatives eventually supplied with warheads purchased and/or stolen from presumably the Russian and/or Pakistani nuclear arsenals.

    This simple fact means Bush and Cheney are traitors, and upon their impeachment and removal from office on the offical charge of treason, ought to be indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced to the customary punishment for those who commit treason (hint: its the same punishment historically associated with murder, which is fitting, seeing as how they are murderers literally thousands of times over).

    If the Congress is unwilling to do this, as is presently the case, and as will likely remain the case even if (as seems likely) the Democrats recapture control of both Houses of Congress, then it should be noted the military could stage a coup in order to restore Constitutional government to the USA, and I frankly think they should.

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