Who the F@#K is Safer Without Saddam?

He said it again. Bush said that the world was a safer place without Saddam! OK - I’m listening - now tell me exactly how the world is safer? Show me one single person on the planet who is safer now? Are the tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died as a result of “Operation We call Iraqi Freedom Even Though We Told You it Was Operation Protect Us From WMDs, And You Fell For It” safer?

Is George W. Bush who needed a team of 5000 security personnel to protect him on his trip to India safer? Are the dead American soldiers and civilian contractors safer? Are the tens of thousands of US soldiers who will suffer the grave effects of the poisoning they received in Iraq as a result of the depleted uranium nuclear weapons used by the US safer? Am I safer? Are you safer?

Are the people who have no homes as a result of massive hurricanes safer? Are the workers who will now be exposed to higher levels of cancer causing chromium thanks to new legislation safer? Are Dick Cheney’s hunting partners safer? Somebody please tell me - who the f@#k is safer? Think about it!

14 Responses to “Who the F@#K is Safer Without Saddam?”

  1. qrswave says:

    those with bunkers remain safe…and with all the technology they control they no longer need so many plebes.

  2. richwiser says:

    Who is safer?
    Israel is safer.
    Wasn’t that the whole point of this undertaking?
    Isn’t that the reason for the eventual invasion of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

  3. Cheryl says:


    p.s. Ann Coulter is a dick

  4. qfwfq5or7 says:

    not plebes.
    more beer for the Big Dick’s hunting parties when they’re safely locked up.
    The big question is whether we’ll at least get some Victory gin to take the edge off living in our cozy barbed wire “communities”.

    See you in room 101.

  5. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

    Anyone else wonder if the neocons are behind the cartoon fiasco (in which case, of course, the “fiasco” would have been intentional), and the mosque bombing?

  6. qfwfq5or7 says:


    I thought that was already a given.
    (both of them)

  7. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

    Yeah, I know the demonic scumbags are capable of it, but I like having some amount of proof, for my own intellectual cleanliness.

  8. qfwfq5or7 says:

    p.s. isreal can only IMAGINE that it’s safer.

    Clearly the entire mideast (and inevitably, eventually, the rest of the world as things swirl around) is already an unlivable nuclear wasteland, made even more toxic by sowing the whole damn thing with monsanto seeds. Good luck eating, drinking, or breathing anywhere NEAR there…and the atlantic can only absorb so much before we in north america get the rest.

    Perhaps rm. 101 is in one of the protected bunkers.
    That would be nice.

  9. qfwfq5or7 says:

    proof would be nice, certainly, and intellectual cleanliness is certainly an admirable goal, but actual proof, as well as truth seem to be in short supply these days.
    Everyone’s got their shtick.

    I have instant conductors all over me whether I pass or stop,
    They seize every object and lead it harmlessly through me.
    ~Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself (27)”

  10. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

    Just about all lyrics or poetry outside of the “Happy Birthday” song go right over my head… (It’s a curse I guess.)

  11. Jesse says:

    “Left by … BY … BY … SOMEONE … ON … on” - Funniest username I have ever seen! I needed a laugh!

  12. rbank says:

    don’t you think the world would be safer without george w.;dickie, donie, condi and alberto? I have an idea, why don’t we count the votes from our last 2 elections, prove they were stolen and put our real president in office. And send these jokers to the Hauge and hold them up on war crimes?

  13. Passenger57 says:

    Well , kingrad - you - layshins, rbank . . . you jess earned y’seff a wuun - way ticket ta Hal-burton’s bran - spankin’ new ‘termint camp! Thass th’ kinda talk we’re talkin’ ’bout , feller! “Nat goes fer any you uuther un-Bush -likin’ ‘Kayda - luvvers , too!

  14. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

    I should have used the word “evidence” rather than “proof”. Jesse’s distinction between these two words in one of his recent blog entries helped me realize this.

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