How Stupid Are Bush Supporters? TVNL Radio

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March 2nd. 9PM ET: How Stupid Are Bush Supporters? TVNL Radio

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So how stupid do you have to be in order to support the Bush administration? How many lies will the good people with good intentions and “faith” in their leaders fall for? How much abuse will they take before they realize that the man in the White House is perhaps the most dishonest person to ever hold office in America?

Within 24 hours proof of two major Bush administration lies emerge. Not evidence, proof. There is a difference! Evidence does not always prove allegations. Proof is definitive.

First off we have the little known news about the Bush administration reducing the penalties and enforcement of mine safety violations by the corporations that run mining operations. This comes about after the false claims by the administration about their efforts to step up mine safety in our nation.

Now we see video proof that Bush and his lying circus not only knew that there was a possibility of the levies in New Orleans failing but they knew that it was expected to happen.

Guess what…there are still people in this nation who trust this bastard! You really have to wonder if inbreeding is taking a toll on this nation. Advice to Bush supporters: a bowl of lead contaminated paint chips should not be part of your complete breakfast and NASCAR fumes are not exactly helping your brain cells to thrive. Time for a change.

If I ever start a business where I have to sell crappy goods at a high profit to unsuspecting people I am going to pretend to be a Christian Republican and target my marketing to the red states! Talk about easy money! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    right on Jesse, I can’t believe that people didn’t scream for him to be impeached after he stayed on vacation after Katina hit land. How many more of us will have to die before the American public have had enough?

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