We Want George W. Bush to Kill Us Before Those Nasty Terrorists Can Harm Us!

Do you feel safer with Bush in office? Let me ask you a question…if terrorists poisoned the air that you breathe would you want your knight in shining armor, George W. Bush, and his cavalry of mass destruction, the US military, to protect you? Well who is going to protect you when that terrorist is George W. Bush?

Once again as part of his ongoing policies of global genocide we see another attack on the well being of Americans. The Bush administration wants to allow ethanol plants to send more 150% more hazardous air pollutants into your air! That’s right, our protector is poisoning us! But guess what…that is not the first time! As a matter of fact the assault on the public by the Bush administration by way of their environmental & health care policies has made us all much less secure! But the American people feel that dying slow death from environmental poisoning is a dandy idea and one worth supporting! God Bless George W. Bush, who wants to kill us before those nasty terrorists have the chance to harm us! National security, the red state way! Think about it!

  • The George W. Bush Environmental Policy of Death
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    1. ... BY ... BY ... SOMEONE ... ON ... says:

      This topic is way outside my range of knowledge, but I suppose conservatives would argue that by allowing an increase in filth-belching, alternative fuel source development is encouraged, therefore less reliance on petroleum, safer homeland, high fives and hugs all around, blah blah blow me…

      Personally, I don’t think encouraging alternative fuel source development alone will do it. We have to make petroleum dependency less attractive at the same time. I don’t know how you’d do that. High gas taxes? Yeah right–like Americans will put up with that. Tougher CAFE standards? (Which Bush has shied away from…)

      Hell, I don’t know. What I do know is that whatever we’re doing isn’t working.

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