Hey Bill O’Reilly…Can You Ban My Name From Your Show Too?

Has Bill O’Reilly gone mad? Is every person who works for the FOX network all crazy down to the people who work in their security division? Wild Bill is now warning people who call his radio program that if they mention Keith Olbermann’s name he will have his security people contact your local law enforcement and take action. What is more frightening that Wild Bill’s delusion of being some kind of law creating dictator is that the security people are actually going along with this! They are actually contacting people who mention Keith’s name on the program!

I think you know what we have to do now! Let’s see if saying some other things over an over on his program like mentioning the web site TvNewsLIES.org or letting him know that Jesse from that web site is challenging him by claiming that he can expose Wild Bill’s lies and deceptions any time, any where!

Bill O’Reilly’s e-mail address at FOX : oreilly@foxnews.com
Bill O’Reilly’s e-mail address at The Factor: radiofactor@foxnews.com
Bill O’Reilly’s radio show call in phone number:
1-877-9-NOSPIN (1-877-966-7747 I translated the number because we ALL HATE THOSE PHONE NUMBERS THAT ARE LETTERS!!!!!!!)

Well? What are you waiting for? Let’s try to get my name banned too! Think about it

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