Another Bushco Crime? That’s Not News!

A former (recent) senior aide to George W. Bush was arrested on multiple theft charges. How do you think the corporate news and talk radio world would handle this issue had it happened to an aide to a Democratic president? I would think that Drugman Limbaugh, Wild Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hitlerty, I mean Hannity would be having a ball right now.

It seems as if no crime is too big or too small for the Bush gang. There are so many to talk about that when a new one is revealed to the public it is hardly news these days. That must be why the media ignores all the crimes these days. Yeah, that must be the reason.  Think about it!

One Response to “Another Bushco Crime? That’s Not News!”

  1. rbank says:

    But they are too busy making history news. Who cares that It was a year ago when a judge was shot in Atlanta. MOre and more the news is about nonsense. And we are not getting any world news if we can’t get BBC. It used to be radio free America now it’s radio free BBC.

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