Americans Comprise the Majority of Extremists in Iraq

Extremists are all over Iraq. But guess what…they are in US military uniforms. Let me clarify something here. Along with the misuse and abuse of the term “terrorist” we, the media, and the Bush administration are misusing the word extremist by not using it in a fair and balanced way. Let me explain.

When a government “chooses” to achieve its goals by using the most extreme solution, war, that government can be considered an extremist regime. When war itself “is” the goal of a government that government can pretty much only be described as extremist.

Sure, there are Iraqi and foreign extremists in Iraq right now and they are acting or reacting in extreme measures. But let’s not fool ourselves; they are reacting in extreme measures “to” extreme measures by the extremist military of an extremist regime. That extremist regime is that of the George W. Bush & his PNAC handlers. There is plenty of extremism in Iraq but let’s be fair here…American troops represent the largest and most violent of the extremist groups in Iraq.   Think about it!

2 Responses to “Americans Comprise the Majority of Extremists in Iraq”

  1. rbank says:

    I agree that some of our troops have behaved badly, but I do not blame them for all that has happened. These are kids who wanted to serve their country. They are not to blame for george w.’s lies they are doing what they are commanded to do. My biggest fear is that they will be surrounded by a mob of people and it will be a blood bath. I used to wonder how the German people could allow Hitler to commit crimes against humanity, now I know. They were affraid and wanted to be protected. THese kids want to protect us and I have to stand behind them. I do not like the war, I do not like the president. But I have to support the soldier not the war. WHat needs to happen is for congress and the senate to impeach the whole george w. administration for treson, send them to the world court on war crimes, tell the world that we made a mistake and ask them to help clean up the mess that george w made. They would help us and we can have peace.

  2. Jesse says:

    I am not “blaming” anyone. I am just calling it what it is.

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