Open Letter to George W. Bush

Mr. Bush, (I do not address you as Mr. President because American presidents are elected; they do not become president via election fraud!)

It is painfully obvious, and embarrassing, that your lack of intellect has led the world towards peril on many levels. While it would take a lifetime to educate you about general issues I thought you may have time to learn at least one thing before your term in office is up.

Please see the dictionary definition for the term “civil war”, which I took the time to look up for you.

civil war
1. A war between factions or regions of the same country.
2. A state of hostility or conflict between elements within an organization:

Now I know you have a habit of “dismissing” facts, evidence, expert opinion (other that that which agrees with your non-expert opinion), history, logic or any actual instances of reality. Perhaps however, you may want to take a look at the definition which I provided for you and you may want to have your PNAC administration alter their ideological agenda so that they can address the situation in Iraq appropriately. Maybe just this one time they can invite reality into their dream land of ideology.

I ask you to consider this on behalf of the families of the military personnel who are serving, have served and will serve in Iraq; many of whom are dead, will die, and will suffer long term psychological trauma and physical atrocities (a result of the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq…depleted uranium). Perhaps you can ease the pain and suffering your bait and switch invasion of Iraq is causing.

By “bait and switch” I refer to the deceptive tactic you used to sell America a war. You claimed that invading Iraq was necessary to protect us from WMD’s and a growing Iraqi threat, but the product you delivered was labeled Operation Iraqi Freedom. Democratizing Iraq’s was not a cause for which the American people were willing to go to war. Nice little switch, Mr. Bush…our intellectually challenged red states never even noticed!

I implore you to absorb this one piece of information into your otherwise dormant brain. There is a civil war going on in Iraq at this very minute. Try to understand that.

You may very well complete your term (possibly without ending up in prison), without having vetoed even a single bill passed by Congress; but do you really want to be the first person to occupy the Oval Office for two terms without learning even a single thing? Come on, you can do it…it is only one little definition. Ask Condi to read it to you if you have trouble pronouncing the words! Think about it! – Jesse, Editor,

8 Responses to “Open Letter to George W. Bush”

  1. halleberries says:

    Why do you keep railing at Bush, you know he is just a puppet. :P

  2. realitycheckplease says:

    Bush isn’t the problem. It’s Madison Avenue’s Dream Come True, the Perpetual Neverending Consumer Demand Model, run amok and hungry for more, that’s driving the train. You got Saran Wrap, AND you got Iraq, it’s a package deal. Some companies are trying to push for alternatives, home-grown resources, but there’s a lot of dissonance on the issues of where we’re going to get our products, our commodities, our resources, and pin-the-tail-on-Bush is the hottest game in town. Bush and company are not blameless, but they’re not the Big Problem. The Big Problem is ignorance, and apathy, and the go-along attitude a lot of people have, plus a general lack of innovation or observable imagination. Take a look in the mirror, before you blame others for your problems.
    If we wanted to, we could cut our fuel use by 20% tomorrow. IF we wanted to…

  3. Cheryl says:

    Re: realitycheck,
    If you’ve ever read Jesse’s blog posts before today, you would realize that you are preaching to the choir.
    We are all aware that Flaccid Puppet (bush) is is the mentally/emotionally handicapped son of two assholes, and that one of the Animals (neo-cons, israel firsters, money/power addicted traitors) will be the ones to read his letter, as soon as the anal-retentive, nobody liked them in school, overcompensating because their penises are so tiny “Homeland Security” bitches finish with it.
    Jesse is making the point that we are watching them and that they will answer for the horrors that they have bestowed on so many people in so many parts of the world..
    I would have liked to co-sign his letter.
    And, just in case you haven’t heard,
    Ann Colter is a dick.

  4. Jesse says:

    Thank you Cheryl. You saved my keyboard some wear and tear:-)

  5. rbank says:

    Jesse, I am a social worker and work with the mentally ill. Beleave me george w is either mentally ill or his drinking has caused wet brain syndrome. george w has fixed delusions. Once he makes up his mind about something you can’t change it. His drinking days were about self medicating. He has delusions of grander. God talks to him. That is called command hallucinations. He needs to be impeached. My question is why did the republicans run such a sick person for president. WHy do they hate us so much to allow him to steal two elections? The man went AWOL during a war. He had 3 failed businesses. He has no social graces. He can’t string 2 words together. My question is why are the republicans always supporting him? Pat Roberts told Carl Levin on Last addition on Sunday that he will stay our president for the next 3 years. WHy aren’t the people we elected to be checks and balances doing their jobs. What does these insane people need to do before they are stopped. I love my country but I am giving up hope.

  6. Passenger57 says:

    Here’s a hypothesis : Bush was chosen because they needed someone who was weak and wouldn’t put up too much of a fuss while they went on their merry way doing what they’ve been wanting to do for years.If someone else was in office(not necessarily Gore)that was on top of things , they would have seen the writing on the wall,tried to stop it , and wound up in a “plane crash”,or been a victim of “Osama bin Laden” on 9/11 and went out a “hero” (network ratings through the roof). Bush is no dummy,but he may have other type of mental problem. They probably have something on him if he ever makes a fuss - “Now George , you wouldn’t want THIS to be all over the media tomorrow,would ya? We didn’t think so - now try to look presidential while we do our thing.” Bush may have a screw a half-turn from falling out, but he’s seen how far they’ll go to get what they want- which explains that LOOK on his face in Booker School when Card told him “the country is under attack”- he was thinking, Sweet Jesus,these motherf—–s really ARE crazy! What have I gotten myself INTO??? Oh God oh God oh God….”

  7. warrior1777 says:

    Well I am sorry to say that this is a game of “Good Cop, Bad Cop” and after Billary wins because JR. was named “Temporary” at Skull and Bones” of course we will here how Jr got us into this mess..blah blah blah….I live in the States, I am 46, business owner, and I have got to tell ya,

    Without some sort of “Divine” Intervention..however you like your “Divine” served up..we in some big trouble. This is going to get nasty.

    By the way if you ever have anytime follow this link abd find out what they do to guys like me in the US…to disuade me from opening my mouth. I think in China the US calls it “Re-Education Camps”

    Anyways everyone take care, and that was a very funny letter I must say.

  8. WillyD says:

    “Spook Central” is going to make it very difficult for anyone to speak out against this administration. We need to let all of our “elected” officials know that we will stand up with them to get things back in line. It’s going to be a hard fight. But it has to be done. SOON!

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