A New Epidemic Threat to Human Life

Cause of Death: Collateral Damage

There is a growing epidemic spreading across the globe that is responsible for rising death rates among healthy law abiding citizens of the world. This epidemic is most problematic in Iraq and Afghanistan. This recent outbreak started on late 2001 and shows no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact it is now showing signs of spreading to other areas of the Middle East.

Known Cure:

Doctors around the world are baffled and they do not understand why so many people are dying as a result of this epidemic. There seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop it even though it is 100% preventable. That’s right, this epidemic can be stopped. It can be ended in 1 second. We can spend the rest of eternity without every losing another life to this epidemic. Doctors and historians alike share frustrations with several select governments who hold the answer to this problem but refuse to act on it.
Prior to the recent epidemic the problem was much smaller yet there were obvious hotspots around the globe. The most problematic hotspot prior to the recent outbreak was in the occupied lands belonging to the Palestinians.

The Threat:

You may be asking yourself exactly what epidemic I am referring to. I call your attention to a cause of death that is fairly new to the American vernacular. I am referring to the epidemic of people dying as a result of them being considered “collateral damage!” This cause of death is the result of the indiscriminate use of military might. In other words innocent people are dying because they are doing nothing more than being alive.

Some Call it Murder:

While the US media continue to spin reality into nice tasty bite size morsels it does not change the reality on the ground. The US media are continuing to shill for an illegitimate administration, They shill for an administration that used election fraud achieve and maintain power. They shill for an administration that seems by virtue of the mountains of uncovered evidence to be involved in the attacks of 9/11. They shill for an administration that has unleashed on the world a relentless string of policies and actions (environmental, economic, civil rights & war), that will result in massive global strife and death.

So when the US, the UK or Israel obliterates families who happen to be near their “targets” I call it what it is: murder. The media can call it collateral damage but that is no surprise. They have not depicted a single issue with complete accuracy in my lifetime!

When a soldier kills a cab driver who did not slow down at a check point it is called murder. Can you imagine what the military would do to cabbies in New York City? I a not saying that the soldier is a criminal; I am saying that he was put in a situation where his very mission must, by design, include crimes such as murder. He or she holds no responsibility for the crimes commited while on duty. Their leaders on the other hand, are responsible.

The leaders of the US & UK military in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as their civilian leaders up to and including George W. Bush and Tony Blair, are murders by policy. Simple. No discussion. They selected to initiate military hostilities where there were none. The sparked the violence that is occurring in Iraq and they are guilty of every single death that has taken place as a result of their decision. They are murderers.

The Cure:

Accusing someone of something and declaring that they are “target” does not justify anything, especially murder. What is worse however, is the indiscriminate mass murder of those who happen to be in the vicinity of the targets. Murder is murder and the US/UK brand of murder is spreading like wildfire. Can you think of a cure? I can! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Idiot people voted for george w because he doesn’t believe in abortion. How many retro active abortions have we had in 911, afganistan, Iraq and katrina? How many people have died because they committed a crime in texas at george w’s hands. There’s a difference between these people’s death and an abortion, these people lived and were loved. We contact congressman we protest and nothing is done?

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