Bush Support: Logic Not Welcomed

I was listening to someone support the invasion of Iraq using the argument that we are at war with Islamic fascism and it is better to fight “them” over there than over here. OK, in a way I understand his notion about fighting fascism and I can even buy the argument of fighting them over there, whoever “they” are. But once again the non sequitur connection between Islamic fascism and the secular non-Islamic state of Iraq was used to back support for the lies of the Bush administration.

When you listen to the few people who can actually explain their reasons for supporting Bush & his PNAC polices you will hear a very powerful set of arguments that usually have nothing to do with the issue. Consider the 9/11 justification for invading Iraq. We invaded what was perhaps the only nation in the region that was a natural and actual enemy of the legendary boogie man we know as Osama Bin Laden yet we hear 9/11 used as justification of the invasion.

The list is endless and deserves a chapter or so to cover in depth but suffice to say I have not heard many logical arguments used by people expressing their support for Bush/PNAC. Then again most people who support Bush/PNAC don’t seem to have any reasons for supporting what they do. At least they can not share that information when asked. It is too bad that the few who do share their views don’t make any sense and they don’t even realize it.

We live in a nation of people who will tell you that their favorite number is seven and when you ask them why they will look you square in the eye and tell you that it is because they like even numbers. They don’t even blink.  How scary has this nation become?

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  1. WillyD says:

    I’m haveing the same problem with the people I have been talking with.
    They all seem to think the gov is on the “right” tract. How can we ever change the mind set of the people of this courntry, if they are such follers of this out of touch administration. This whole situation sucks!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Your post made me think of that comercial from years back, for “Blue-Blocker” sunglasses.
    In that comercial a man put on the sunglasses, turned to the camera and exclaimed excitedly; “It’s like I’m SEEING IN 3-D!!”


    This just in:
    ann coulter is still a dick

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