Thou Shall Hate, Scorn & Abuse - Gays Support Gay Hatred

Am I the only person who has a hard time understanding how people can accept words that inspire hatred in the name of religion? Am I the only one who can not figure out how the targets of this hatred become part of the institutions that sponsor it?  You can talk all you want about civil rights. You can talk all you want about how Native Americans and African Americans have been mistreated in America. You can talk all you want about how the Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history. But in my opinion no single group has been subject to a longer, more sustained and more widely spread campaign of hatred, abuse and mistreatment than gay people.

Irrational hatred and abuse of gay people knows no boundaries. It is blind to race, nationality religion. If matters not if the subject is a member of your own family; son, daughter, sister of brother. It is socially acceptable in many places to act on this hatred. Houses of worship, governments and corporations sanction this hatred and unjust behavior and it is practiced at all levels of society, down to the youngest indoctrinated child.

The one thing that all of this hatred has in common…God. Yes, religion has spawned this vile plague of irrational and unwarranted hatred and abuse. It amazes me how people can conduct themselves in a manner that is unjust, cruel and in some cases murderous and justify their behavior with a holy book.

I’ll never understand why people need a book to teach them how to be a decent human being. But what is more difficult for me to understand is how anyone in the world accepts the teachings of hatred found in books that are supposed to help us to become good people.

But I suppose the most perplexing question in my mind is how and why gay people continue to bow to their abusers. They practice religions that teach people to hate them. They work for companies that openly discriminate against them. They sign up to risk their lives in the same military that has outlawed their genetic coding. And they align themselves with political parties that have worked to institute a legal framework of injustice directed at them. It is hard to keep speaking in support of a group that in many cases works against themselves.     Think about it!

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  1. hemingwayca says:

    Jesse, most of your comments are right on, but you’re off the mark this time, my friend. There is a chronic epidemic of confusion when it comes to God, religion and the Bible, particularly from the Christian perspective. Let me clear the air.

    First of all, religion and God are not synonymous. God is the Creator of all things, the Supreme Being, the Lord of the universe, the One and Only. On the other hand, religion is man made—riddled with flaws—and it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, many of which contradict the written Word.

    I cannot speak for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, or any others, but I can speak for Christians, which, I believe, is where most of the confusion lies. As is the case with any belief, Christians have their fair share of hypocrites and Neo-Conservatives who grossly misinterpret God’s Word. According to the Bible, God has not given us the right to judge anyone; that’s His job. In spite of this, Christians bash the gay community; speak harshly about their lifestyle, all the while proclaiming their self-righteousness. This is a direct violation of God’s mandate.

    God’s directive is clear: our role on Earth is to be tolerant, understanding and forgiving. He has not given us the authority to judge or point an accusing finger at anyone, regardless of their behavior. We are all sinners and God does not distinguish one sin from another. Those Christians who attack gays are not living by God’s Word. They are hypocrites and will one day face God on judgment day, hanging their heads in shame.

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