Guard Iraq’s Borders? What About Our Own Borders?

I caught a few military “experts” on FOX News and MSNBC yesterday, discussing a winning strategy against the insurgents in Iraq. Both seemed to feel that if the US secures the Iraqi borders the insurgency will fade. Here is a little question that the “journalists” might want to ask these genius experts…how and why can the US be expected to secure the borders of Iraq when the US can not secure it’s own domestic borders? The one thing that nobody seems to talk about is how our domestic needs, including border security, have been ignored or assaulted by this administration. Where are all the flag wavers on this one? Think about it!

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  1. Greg Nixon says:

    What is even more disturbing than the knucklehead “experts” on GOP TV talking
    about security is the fact of the U.S. actually being BEHIND THE INSURGENCY and
    planting bombs and creating this disorder ON PURPOSE! Why? They don’t want a secure
    peaceful Iraq folks. Then they have no reason to stay for oil and corporate plunder.
    Think about that! Further info can be found at on the U.S’s role in the “insurgency”

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