George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever

George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever

(Have you seen the movie called “The Truman Show?”)

George W. Bush is easily the most protested American president in history. We have never had a nation more divided. We have never seen anger and outrage saturate society as it does today.

At the same time Mr. Bush’s approval ratings vary but seem to reflect support from approximately 30-40% of the nation. Yet, when George W. Bush ventures out to engage the people he always seems to find venues where his approval rating is 100%
Yesterday Bush gave a speech to a “free speech” crowd and there was not a single indication of even the slightest disapproval. People who were “permitted” to question Mr. Bush all seemed to have wrapped their questions in an envelope of supportive public relations messages where as they helped express Mr. Bush’s message as opposed to question his comments.

Amazing. I have never seen luck like this in my life. Nowhere.

Tens of millions of people have been trying to protest Mr. Bush to his face. They have been marching, writing, creating documentaries, traveling across the nation just to voice their opposition. For five years these angry concerned citizens have been trying unsuccessfully to gain access to George W. Bush. They have been unsuccessful because along with their routine violations of the US Constitution this Bush administration has decided that the 1st Amendment is not applicable in their world. They have banished opposing views to distant zones where they permit Constitutional rights to exist.

After years of unsuccessful efforts to voice their anger the outraged masses let a perfect opportunity to be heard slip by them; so we are told. The media is repeating over and over that the audience at Bush’s speech yesterday was not prescreened yet we are being asked to believe that not a single frustrated or dissatisfied American took this opportunity to question George W. Bush. Not Cindy Sheehan, not a single member, nobody from the DNC, no 9/11 truth movement representatives, no environmentalists, no opposition or dissatisfaction anywhere to be found. Amazing.

What luck! For 5 years the most protested man in American history has never been exposed to a single member of the American public who does not approve of his actions 100%. And we are now told that Mr. Bush, the most protested human in American history, had a non-screened audience and not a single voice of opposition rang out. Amazing luck; wouldn’t you say? Did you see the movie called “The Truman Show?” Think about it!

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  1. WillyD says:

    I’ve been reading many blogs across the net, and have finally realized that the people in “control” of the country are way beyond our ability of “control” them. They are going to restrict any adverse comment against them, no matter how correct that comment may be. We as AMERICANS need to start standing up against this group of “anti-americans” and speak out! Shout it to the world to hear! We do not agree with what this administration and what it has lead us into. Stop the wars, get back to the principles that our country was founded on and GET INVOLVED!! Our lives depend upon it!

  2. rbank says:

    I am very proud of myself because I called the white house after Katrina and made the woman who answered the phone cry. I find myself cutting myself off from the people who voted for or support george w. I hate what they have done to my country. Especially the people who voted for him because they don’t believe in abortions. We sure have had alot of retroactive abortions in the world sense george w was crowned king by the supreme court.

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