America: Same Label, Different Product - Remember New Coke?

Remember when the good people at Coke decided to mess with perfection and change the formula to Coca-Cola? Do you remember the result of this idiotic decision? New Coke! But there was one problem with this New Coke, it was not Coca-Cola. It was something less appealing, less enjoyable, less desirable. In essence it was a bogus excuse for the real thing. It was no longer the product that people enjoyed for generations.

Well the people did not stand for this. They knew that the label still said Coke but what they were now getting was not the real thing. The label still said Coke but ingredients were different. The people knew that this new product was not their Coke. They revolted. The public’s pressure worked and eventually the original Coke that we all loved (Pepsi people aside), returned to it’s home on our supermarket shelves and at our local soda jerk shop.

Well America has ingredients too. There is only one ingredient that makes America American. That ingredient is the US Constitution. If you omit this ingredient we are left with the New Coke equivalent of The United States of America. Same label, different nation.

While a nation of well meaning yet uninformed patriots think putting star spangled diapers on their infants is an act of patriotism, the very America that they stand for has been replaced. The chefs in Congress have gone ahead and approved the ingredient changes that have been ordered by the board (Bush and company). Without the shareholder’s approval (the citizens), the chefs altered the ingredients and effectively changed the product. America is now New America. Like New Coke, New America is an inferior product. America is now a product without the ingredient that had made it so appealing and so worthy of our patriotism.

Like the Coke lovers who revolted after the people at Coke messed with their beloved Coca-Cola, Americans should not stand for the unapproved switch to New America. We should not rest until the original ingredients are restored to our nation. And we should not fool ourselves into thinking that the same symbols and labels, such as our flag, apply to this new product.

We may think that America is still America because the label has not changed; but the main ingredient has all but been removed. It is time to either restore the main ingredient, or change the label.  Think about it!

2 Responses to “America: Same Label, Different Product - Remember New Coke?”

  1. fido says:

    Branding is important because for no other reason than a name or a symbol, they become devoted to its existence and would sell their souls or babys for its continuation.This is an old advertising gimmick and the problem is that we continually fall for fads and gimmicks. So the real culprits is our own culpability for letting our symbol of freedom and justice get used as bumwipe or our babys diaper. It’s time to reach down into the cesspool and retrieve that old scrap of paper and wash it clean of its new aroma and put it back up on the shelf of higher purpose. Lets bring the constitution back home to the mother America was meant to be and raise it above it symbolic status, into the advertised greatness we want it to be.

  2. WillyD says:

    How can we as the “american populus” stand by and let this bulls–t continue? Coke or no coke is not the question. That only thing that really matters is that our country is in serious trouble. We, as the people of this “free” and “justice for all” country are about to meet a horrible end to all that we,and many before us, have fought and died for. What in the name of God can we be doing?? I’m ready to do what ever it may take. America can still be the”Great”, only the direction needs to change! And very soon!

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