National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

I do not want the Unites States to protect me from international terrorists. There, I said it. Keep your protection. Forgive me if my logic does not exactly fall in line with the nation’s illogic but I am tired of watching virtually every resource in our nation be diverted to protecting us from a threat that is not only mathematically improbable but may actually be self inflicted.

It is an absolute fact that the issues that pose the most dangerous, current and imminent threats to Americans are not only being ignored by the media but they are being exacerbated by the Bush administration. Let’s face it, even if you bought the nonsense story about 19 cave dwellers who had the natural born ability to navigate jet airliners 1/3 of the way across the nation, evade our entire air defense system and then hit their targets without the help of ground control navigational assistance you surely realize that your average citizen is in greater danger of dying because of a disease related to an environmental pollutant than another improbable or impossible event like 9/11. You must at least realize that melting polar ice caps will kill more people than a nuclear bomb or two delivered by men who are so stupid as not to realize that they can blow up a bomb before it passes through inspections at a port.

While the neocons who were in charge of our well being while the events of 9/11 were taking place, under their watchful eyes or under their direct control, continue their mission to convince you that the only threat to your life is the Islamic extremist, they are increasing every single real current deadly threat to our existence. From the elimination of laws designed to prevent lethal toxins from entering our food, water and air, to economic restructuring designed to prohibit our access to life saving health care, the Bush administration has been conducting history’s most effective policy of genocide.

I’ll tell you what, I would rather vaporize in an instant than die a slow painful death brought on by the radiation poisoning we have all been exposed to in the form of the clouds of radioactive particles floating around the planet as a result of the depleted uranium bombardment of Iraq by the global poisoners in the Bush administration. I also don’t want my family to lose everything in order to pay for my medical care to treat the medical conditions that have been brought on by the Bush administration and their genocidal policies.

They want to protect me from a terrorist? Personally, after all that I have seen I am pretty sure that the most dangerous terrorists are only dangerous thanks to their connections to the US military industrial complex. So instead of trying to beat the beast that is the US National Scare-You-Ity industry I would rather opt out of their protection/extortion program.

See, I am a gambling man and I see that the odds indicate that the death policies of the Bush administration are going to get us well before any Islamic terrorist will, even with the help of the CIA, the Carlyle Group or the Federal Reserve!

National Scare-You-Ity? Keep it. Until you stop increasing the multiple daily threats to my life posed by your polices stop pretending to keep me safe. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    You forgot Katrina. They didn’t help the people during or after Katrina, for 4 days they stayed on vacation while people died. We have almost had as many service people killed as people died on 911. And I am sure that we can almost multiply 3000 by 10,000 to find out how many have died in Iraq because of george w.’s lies.

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