CNN: Here’s More Nothing

This morning CNN reported another one of those vital news stories that their national audience needed to learn about.  You know the audience I am speaking of; the audience that voted CNN the most trusted name in news.

The story went something like this: A small film crew got permission from a local postmaster to use the local post office after hours in which to film a movie. The police were not informed to they arrived on the scene thinking a crime was going on. When they arrived everything was straightened out and no arrests were made.

Once again CNN took the time to prepare a report on an event that did not happen. On a day that brings the world an official report warning the world that by the end of the century New York, London, Florida and many major coastal habitats will be under water CNN thought it was more important to inform you that nothing took place in some local post office.

Another example of how being the most trusted name in news does is no indication of their trustworthiness.

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  1. halleberries says:

    No comments on the Charlie Sheen, NY Mag 9/11 article? That is the story this week.

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