CNN Learns to Count

Today CNN reported that ½ million people were at a protest where they were objecting to the new immigration laws that have been proposed. They provided overhead shots showing the size of the crowd.

No offense to the politically active people who attended this protest, but I have been to at least 4 protests that made that protest look an opening act.  Yet, when those protests took place, corporate media outlets such as CNN did not have the ability to estimate the size of our crowds, nor could they arrange for an overhead shot or any shot that would have depicted the size of our crowd. I have been to protests where the crowds were so big that we ran out of room in the streets. I was at a protest where three avenues in New York City were crammed with people for a 30 block stretch. The crowd was so big that the NYC subway system was shut down! This is a subway system that moves three million people per day.

When the people of the world protest the most protested man in human history, George W. Bush, CNN and their criminal partners in the corporate media do not seem to be able to count and they can not seem to locate a camera to observe the crowd. As a matter of fact most of the time they don’t even bother to report the protest at all.

How is it that their protest coverage is thorough when it comes to immigration policy but it is virtually nonexistent when the people protest George W. Bush? CNN, the most trusted name in news? Maybe, but not the most trustworthy! Think about it!

2 Responses to “CNN Learns to Count”

  1. rbank says:

    Yes this is so true and MSMBC talked about how they weren’t protesting the war. I would like to know why they force us to hear every “pearl of wisdom” from the idiot’s mouth and never anything from people who really love our country. Why do they hate us so much. I am so tired of hearing about killings, missing children, and all the other nonsense, we don’t hear a damn thing about what is going on in the world. I really don’t care about all this junk but never know when I will hear something important. It appears if you listen carefully sometimes they slip and let the news out.

  2. Passenger57 says:

    I’m not sure,but I think it was the first Million Man March when suddenly the networks first went duhhhh about counting crowds,in an attempt to ’stick it’ to Farrakhan. Just like anything else,when they don’t like what they see,they go temporarily blind.

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