So You Still Think the Press is Free

So it took several weeks, not a year this time, for the NY Times to print information related to George W. Bush breaking the law. Yes, The NY Times, even though they ignored the first documents indicating such, finally reported about the second smoking gun memo indicating that the Bush administration intended on going to war with Iraq regardless if there was a legitimate reason for going to war. They even planed to provoke Iraq into a war.

Now get this: the entire American corporate media ignored the first smoking gun memo indicating that George W. Bush lied to Congress, to the American people, to the world and to the US Military and started a war based on lies. A second piece of evidence surfaces and the New York Times ignores it for several weeks and then finally reports it. The result of this is an echo chamber of silence by the rest of the media.

The memo in question is possibly the strongest piece of physical evidence ever produced indicating a high crime by an American President other than the mountains of evidence of 9/11 complicity by the Bush administration. However the 9/11 evidence has not yet been approved for acceptance by the corporate media; so lets just pretend that this memo indicates the strongest evidence of a high crime committed by a President to date. And what is happening? The rest of the media is waiting for their marching orders. They are all remaining silent until they receive instructions to proceed with their reporting. Even if the delay is only a day, the coordinated story has to be approved so that there are no contradictions when the corporate media unit brainwash the public with the exact version of the story that they want us to believe.

The coordinated actions by the many arms of the corporate media monster should be quite obvious to you by now. The corporate media is not controlled by anyone; they are the tool of the controllers. Until we realize this we will continue to fall prey to the controllers. The evidence is there and you can see it every single day. With every coordinated, timed and choreographed information dissemination event the single point of media control becomes more visible to those who choose to open their eyes. Think about it!

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  1. WillyD says:

    Come on Jesse, We all know by now that the neo-cons “own” every media outlet in the country. They feed the people of the country only the information that benifits their ajenda. But you know that!! Right? What can we do??

  2. Passenger57 says:

    Here’s a good start:no more newspapers! Stop buying them. If you want to read the paper,go to the bookstore,and I think the libraries would have them as well. Then stop watching TV - at least the ‘news’ networks,anyway. Picket outside the studios with blowups of articles from papers from another country and ask why hasn’t the US media covered it? Whatever morning show it is based in NY that always has those people outside the studio with signs like, “Hi,Mom”is a good place to start.It may not seem like much but everything starts off like that. 9/11: go out there with a sign saying: “9/11:INSIDE JOB” or something like that.Do it every day.Change the sign every day,using another unanswered question.Look at what happened when Sheen went public.

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