CNN’s 9/11 Balancing Act

CNN’s Showbiz Tonight cancelled the appearance of Ed Asner last night because they could not find any guests to provide an opposing point of view related to his position on the subject of 9/11 truth. They wanted to present a balanced discussion of this topic.

Well, not all things are balanced. This is like requiring a balanced view of a weather report where you have someone talking about sunshine when the entire area is inundated by rain!

There has been 5 years of propaganda. It’s our turn. The balancers have had enough airtime! Think about it!

3 Responses to “CNN’s 9/11 Balancing Act”

  1. maddog says:

    I was very disappointed when I heard about the cancellation. I hope they re-schedule the interview. I am sure more people will speak up now that the 9/11 cat is out of the bag thanks to people like Charlie Sheen, Mike Malloy ect. I took your advice and e-mailed Oprah. I hope it helps. Keep up the good work.

  2. WillyD says:

    I also sent an email to Oprah. By exposing the lies of 911, we may see more people of importance following suit. We can only hope!

  3. Dewey Dell says:

    Too bad Oprah is such a dummy. She would just be discredited as she was over the “non-fiction” book she touted, that was all bull.

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