Do Members of the Media Live on other Planets or are They Aliens?

Do the people who bring us the news each day, or I should say do not bring us the news each day, feel that they are not vulnerable to the actions or inactions of our government and our corporations? When news comes out that the Pentagon blocked a move that would make our drinking water safer does do the members of the media say to themselves “I don’t dink water so I will not be affected?”

Do the members of the media think that they will survive a 20 foot increase in tides? Do they have gills through which they breathe?
Say all you want about political ideology but we are talking about human survival here. You would think that regardless of the bias in reporting related to political events these people would realize that they have a personal vested interest in living. Maybe they know something that we don’t know. Maybe they don’t need water do drink, air to breathe or land to live on. Or maybe they are stupid and don’t realize that they should be reporting about the environmental terrorism being conducted by our government and corporations. Or maybe they are simply trying to kill us all.  Think about it!

2 Responses to “Do Members of the Media Live on other Planets or are They Aliens?”

  1. WillyD says:

    I have decided not to hold any hope for the media covering anything that will be important to our every day life. For much of the media are closely controlled by the powers that be. We use to be able to “believe”(at least to a degree) what they had to say, but the records are showing otherwise. The media(and congress)are a bunch of rollovers. If they are not willing to cover the true storys, how are we to fight this neo-con take over of the world??
    (WE CAN IF WE ARE SERIOUS) We need to keep our beliefs in the constitution and REFUSE to budge when it comes to the administrations out and out lies and oversight of problems. People of America, let us unite and send a message to all of our “elected” officials. WE ARE NOT HAPPY!!!

  2. halleberries says:

    Some think they are aliens….. Shape shifting reptilians!! LOLOL

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