Why Support the Troops? They Don’t Even Realize That I Support Them!

I am still trying to figure out how the term “support the troops” got perverted into supporting a war and an administration that has abused and shortchanged the troops like no other administration in history. I am wondering how supporting an action that placed the troops in positions where they were left with few choices other than to commit atrocities and war crimes, is a good thing.

The US Military command is now prohibiting soldiers from providing their own body armor, even if they are not supplied with armor by the military. Can you think of any way to interoperate this little move as one that is in support of the troops?

Maybe none of the Bush administration members have yet to own a company that overcharges the government for body armor so they are trying to prevent the troops from buying any until they have their product ready for sale?

I will be forty two years old next month and in all my years I have never been able to figure out why many of the people that I support, speak out for and fight for fail to even realize that I am on their side? Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth sticking up for people who don’t appreciate my efforts. Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    I can agree with you that it seems to be a thankless job trying to inform people of the impending sword of Damoclese over them. As the assault on other countries, social services and the rights and freedoms of those around the world and here at home remove our ability to resist,as well as reflect the coming poverty and enslavement of the people, they make it harder and hareder to survive. It gets to be such a chore to work for truth, for it is a job that we cannot give up, yet there are so few rewards. Friends turn away from you, losing family members, jobs are taken away, attitude is noticed and corrected, conformity forces people to resign to the inevitable and real wages disappear from the workplace. That leaves one no option but to work 2 or 3 jobs, both members of the house working, children becoming strangers to parents, being influenced by the media and peers as well as the institutions of education and religion. No longer do we have the time to fit in, with all the scrambling, the abuse and the wear and tear on the body as it gets older, but somehow we MUST endure it, for these are only the beginnings of the worsening times. Our children and even our own retirement are being attacked and so is our quality of life, as it deteriorates at a pace with the environment as well.

    As we reach the end of abusing the world we should all pause for a moment and collect our thoughts and channel our purpose and intentions in a common direction- to end this tyranny on the people and start on a new direction of trusting, honesty, sharing and caring with real education to save the planet and ourselves. We have to get closer to a theme and stick to it rather than spread our thoughts and ideas over the spectrum of lies and deceptions into an idea of what can be done to correct our way of thinking and being. Population control must be world wide, interaction wit the environment, wars and weapons must end ands be shipped to the moon or into the sun, somewhere, learn to grow your own food,start doing little things to help the planet heal, like lawns on your roofs to increase greenspace in cities that would lower ambient temperatures in cities during the summer, reduce greenhouse gas by inflating tires and limiting the use of cars, providing better means of transport in cities to attract people to use it, etc. Our addictions to greed and avarice and oil are choking the life out of us and our home and it is high time we did something together- Stand up to these evil men that control the way we do business and make them accountable for their actions. Spread their wealth around and buy the progress that their greed keeps from happening. Make life fair and just for all instead of the top 1-5%.

    Don’t give up jesse- Organise and with purpose and meaning spread the word. We can’t give up, because we have to save the world for us as well as them- even if they don’t appreciate it or deserve it- The earth does.

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