We Are All the April Fools of the Federal Reserve

Today is April Fools Day and there is no more appropriate day to take a closer look at society. Perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the people of the world is the establishment the central banking system. Many of you do not know this but the Federal Reserve is not part of our government. They are a privately owned bank that has the power to dictate monetary policy in our nation. Yes, it is a private for-profit institution that is actually allowed to lend more money than it has, print money, set interest rates, decide on how much you pay for your homes and cars and essentially controls inflation, deflation, depressions economic stability and instability.

These are the people that lead us to wars and economic slavery. The people behind this scam essentially own all of our assets. I have posted part 1 of the Money Masters documentary so that you can learn about this not so secret secret. I ask that you take some time and watch it and learn how we live each day of our lives as the April Fools of the Federal Reserve! Think about it!

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