The Worst Case Scenario Exists in Iraq! It is Both an Insurgency and a Civil War Too!

in·sur·gent Pronunciation(n-sûrjnt)
1. Rising in revolt against established authority, especially a government.
2. Rebelling against the leadership of a political party.

Insurgents do not attack religious institutions or civilians.

In the continuing tradition of Orwellian use of the English language we are all being subject to the daily misuse of the term “insurgency!” Our media, at the delight of the Bush administration continues to call apples oranges whenever it serves their purpose.

As you can see by the dictionary definition above, an insurgency is, for all intensive purposes, a revolt against an authority, especially a government. When you have organized violence aligned along ethnic, geographical or religious lines you have a civil war on your hands.

civil war

1. A war between factions or regions of the same country.
2. A state of hostility or conflict between elements within an organization:

While there is still a question whether all of this is by design there is no question that what is taking place in Iraq is a combination of an insurgency/rebellion against people who invaded their nation and the people who are cooperating with the invaders, and you have a civil war between religious and ethnic sects within their society.

What is taking place in Iraq is not simply a civil war and it is not simply an insurgency; it is both of these things with a little opportunistic terrorism mixed in. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    I wonder how long before george w’s lies leads us to civil war. It’s really sad that they believe his lies and turn against you if you don’t worship george w.

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