60 Minutes Reinforces the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory!

So 60 Minutes had free access to Bin Laden’s driver? They expect us to believe that 60 Minutes had access to this most valuable target of the US war on terror, yet the U.S. has not attempted to “rendition” him into one of our secret prisons by now? The host nation of this terror suspect never even gets mentioned by our controlled media? What happened to Bush’s “with us or against us” threat to nations that host terrorists?

Do you know why I think this is the case? I think this is because this asset serves to continue to the myth of the Al Qaeda 9/11 cover story. The FACTS about 9/11 are starting breakthrough to the public and the people who really run this nation are pulling out their big guns (60 Minutes) to counter the evidence of their complicity.

What did this guy prove on 60 Minutes? He told a story. Apparently his knowledge was of no interest to the people fighting the war on terror. They don’t even mention him. So that must mean they want him out there, with all his inside knowledge of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda yet Quakers and peace activists in the U.S. are being watched closely by our men in black.

How stupid are we? How do we not see through this at this point?

Here is what I think about Bin Laden. I think he has not made any video tapes because he is unwilling to go as far as his bosses. I think he wants nothing to do with defaming Islam by forever linking it with 9/11. When Bin Laden made his first public statement after 9/11 he said that he had nothing to do with it. He claimed that he heard that “they say the Atta group did this” but he could have heard that on TV like everyone else. The only Bin Laden confession came in the form of a fake video and since then he has not been seen. I think he had to be killed because he would talk and let the public know that he was not responsible for 9/11 or he is simply not playing along any more. I have no evidence of this, just common sense based on what has unfolded and uncovered. Think about it!

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  1. Dewey Dell says:

    This is such classic booga-booga propaganda. I could not believe the bullshit I was hearing last night. Osama bin Laden supposedly died in December 2001, making him the perfect boogey man. (Also, Zarqawi is thought to have been killed too back in 2003. They blamed the beheading of Nick Berg on him, but the man who “beheaded” Nick Berg — did you notice no blood came out? — was wearing a gold ring, forbidden by Islamic law, and obviously did not have a prosthetic leg. Zarqawi lost a leg years ago in a bombing in Pakistan).

    I noticed a few weeks ago, 60 Minutes had a story with a female correspondent I had never seen before, which was identical to a story on Frontline on PBS “The Insurgency” Aired Feb. 21, 2006
    with Michael Ware of Newsweek and Col. H.R. McMaster, showing what a big success the Tal Afar offensive had been. There were nearly identical soundbytes of Ware and McMaster, and scenes of GI’s handing out teddy bears and saying “Salam Alekem” to Iraqis.

    Apparently McMaster has done PR for the Pentagon before:
    From the Frontline website:
    [Editor's Note: Then-Major H.R. McMaster was interviewed by FRONTLINE in 1999 for its report, "Give War a Chance," a program that examined the use of America's military might in the context of the Bosnia war in the Balkans.]

    The two programs in conjunction seemed to be government-created propaganda programs. Now I am very suspicious of anything I see on either program. How deep can government propaganda penetrate? With GOP operatives controlling the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, I guess all the way down.

  2. leia says:

    War no matter who starts it eventually leads people to quarreling. Nerves are on edge, lives are lost, jobs are hard to find yet when this all happened Americans stood united in their believe we could stand for no more especially on American soil and left the decision to the president. Not many were saying he was wrong then. I want my uncle back but he thought something should be done before his plane hit and they did it and died. Simple as that.
    We are at war and I wish Americans were better people then wanting to throw Bush to the dogs. Now.. everyone has an opinion about what should have been done…should. So much is wrong with our goverment it can never be fixed yet it’s the best in the world.
    If you are so unhappy here with what this president does why stay here?
    You like our way of liveing or you would go unless your Islamic and are trying to get the American people turned against one another and our goverment will allow you to speak against it.
    Where would you like to live that is better then what we have?
    I will see that you get there first class.
    I am ashamed of all of you…my uncle died for you !??!

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