The Bush Administration’s Continuing Attempted Genocide of America

Today we have yet another clear undisputed example of the Bush administration’s war on the American people. The E.P.A., an institution created to PROTECT the environment, is trying to relax regulations so that corporations can increase the amount of poison they can pump into our air and water.

How exactly does this agenda fall into the description of protecting the environment? How exactly is this little decision part of the Bush administration claim of making Americans safer?

This is another example of how complicit the media is in the crimes of our government. While they force you to believe that terrorism is the only threat to you they keep you from knowing ALL of the REAL threats to your life; especially when it comes to the biggest threat to life on Earth: George W. Bush.   Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Jesse, please read Fast Food Nation. They are hiring Mexican workers to work in meat packing companies, partly because they don’t know the laws. A little feces on the meat just radiate it and feed it to our kids for lunch. THank you george w followers, may you rot in hell with him.

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