Why Bother Going to Journalism School? Katie Couric Didn’t!

It is bad enough the cable news giant CNN is led by an “iron man of journalism” who has never taken even a single course in journalism but now C.B.S. is continuing this disgraceful tradition. Katie Couric is now the new C.B.S. News anchor and like Wolfe Blitzer she has no education in journalism.

Sure, an argument can be made that on the job learning is often better than a formal classroom education. That is true to a point. I learned computer programming on the job and I am a pretty savvy computer guy. But being savvy did not teach me how to write efficient code. It did not teach me how the hardware worked. And being savvy did not teach me logic.

Journalism is not a job or a trade, it is a profession. Being a journalist does not simply require a skill set it requires one to understand the principles of journalism and I can say without a doubt Katie Couric, like Wolfe Blitzer, does not have this understanding. Well, at least, to date, she has shown no signs of having that understanding. Think about it!

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  1. Batman 544 says:


    Since both networks are out of the journalism business, I guess they have no use for journalists.

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