Have We Lost Our Democracy or Have We Lost Our Journalists? Or Have We Lost Both? A Call to Unite Against the Media.

If you were robbed by police in uniform, and then robbed again by the police to whom you reported the original crime, who would you call for help?

If you were ill and every doctor you went to injected you with viruses designed to make you even sicker, who would you call for help?

Would you go to the press to see if they can alert the public to these problems? Would you hope that journalists would blow the whistle on these people who violated the public trust? You would think that they would; it is their mandate. It is their job. They are the sentinels of democracy.

Well what if the media were compromised? What if they smiled at you with an evil grin while they simply ignored your cries for help? At this time you would realize that they are in on it. You would realize that there is indeed a conspiracy taking place and the media are involved.

Well this scenario is played out every day. Every group trying to fight injustice in America today has one thing in common; the media are working against them. The media do not shed light on the many injustices taking place at the hands of the ruling elite because the media are the ruling elite. The media are the enemy. Unless all champions of justice in the world unite against the media the problems of the world will never go away. The media will continue to maintain the false reality that the majority of the nation lives in and they will continue to shield the unjust elite from the unaware victims who are unknowingly manipulated into supporting their abusers.

Journalists are the sentinel of democracy only where democracies actually exist. So I ask you this; are we missing our democracy or are we missing our journalists? Think about it!

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