YOU ARE FREE…To Do What I Tell You To Do!

Ah, democracy! Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it nice that the Palestinian people got to vote for their own leaders in a democratic process that is touted by Americans as the end-all, be-all wonder of a free society? Isn’t it nice how America, the UK and the rest of the world respect democracies where people choose their own leaders, as long as they choose the leaders that they want them to choose?

Isn’t it nice when big powerful nations punish the people of other nations because they did not choose, of their own free will, the exact leaders that the US, Israel or the UK told them to choose?

I really like making my own choices in life; but the closer I look the more I realize that the selection is fixed. From computer operating systems (thank you Microsoft…now I get to choose from a variety of bug ridden operating systems with a variety of security flaws), to the Skull and Bones presidential candidates who must be approved by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission before they are allowed to win a primary, to the nice selection of organic genetically modified corn at my local farmers’ market, it is quite clear that we are not exactly free to choose many thing on our own at all. We can’t choose what power sources should be used to run cars or power out homes; we can’t choose to use a credit card that won’t eventually be purchased by Chase, and we can’t even choose what company we will over pay for cable TV service; they tell us who our provider is!

Interestingly enough “freedom of choice” is a concept that is the focus of people, like me, who believe that having an abortion should be the sole decision of pregnant women. But I wonder, with all this talk about freedom of choice when it comes to reproductive rights, has anyone really thought about exactly how free we actually are to make any choices for ourselves at all? Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    THe sad part is in the last two elections george w was not elected, but we still have to deal with the idiot.

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