Stop Speaking for Others!

I am tired of watching politicians and political pundits tell me what the American people want. Where are the town hall meetings? Tell me where these meetings are and I will tell you how I feel and I will see how other Americans feel. I may even learn why they feel one way or another. I may even learn how little the American people actually know about the issues for which they have formed opinions. Nobody every asked me how I feel about any of the issues that I hear discussed on TV.

I am also tired of watching round table discussions about a person or issue where nobody at the table is a direct representative of the subject. You can even watch a “news” program where a guest is interviewed and then after the interview is over there is a round table panel discussion about that person. Why don’t ever permit that person to take part in the conversation? You know why? It is so that they can misrepresent the truth (lie) without the possibility of being exposed as doing so.

We are conditioned to accepting as truth the claims of unaffiliated representatives on issue after issue. What ever happened to hearing something from the horse’s mouth? Is that concept dead? Have you ever heard a single Al-Qaeda representative that was not in the form of a pre-taped release? Those Al-Qaeda releases resemble the VNR (Video News Releases) that we just learned so much about. Have you heard from a single Iraqi insurgent as to what their motives are? Have you heard from 9/11 witnesses who saw things that do not fit into the official story? Have you heard from the people who experienced voting “problems” during the last election?

We have to start ignoring “authoritative” opinion when first hand information is available. When you see the “experts” before you see the subjects or if you never see the “experts” spout their analysis in the presence of their subjects it is a clear sign of media deception. Don’t be fooled. Take a lesson. Think about it

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