Conyers Finally Gets the Attention of the Media!

Democratic Congressman John Conyers has attended and spoken at several of the largest protests ever to be held against a U.S. President. These events and speeches were all but ignored by the news media.

Congressman Conyers has also held hearings that exposed alarming information indicating that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for and the need to invade Iraq. The media ignored this historic hearing.

Congressman Conyers uses his Congressional staff to baby sit for his children and the media finds this newsworthy.

I am not saying that Mr. Conyers should not have the attention of the media when his ethical behavior as a Congressman is in question. What I am saying is that when it came to Mr. Conyers conducting Congressional business of national and global importance the media seemed to be occupied with other issues.

How many more example do we need to see before you realize that America does not have a national broadcast “journalism” industry? Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    I am proud of JOhn Conyers because he is from Michigan and he is standing up for what is right. He also had the guts to question the election results in 2004. It’s not surprising that the media is focusing on his staff babysitting his children. They had to find something to discredit him.

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