Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer! September 11th, 2001

There are two groups of people in this world: those who believe the official explanation of the events of September 11th, 2001, and those who have examined the evidence and realize that the official version of events is totally unbelievable.

An Open Letter to: Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Richard Cheney, Members of PNAC and your supporting cast:

Guess what? WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID THAT SUMMER - that long ago time of innocence before the events of September 11th, 2001. We know what you did, and the game is over - even though you don’t yet know it.. The work of the independent 9/11 researchers is paying off. The evidence is steamrolling through the information super highway and is now creeping into the clogged arteries of the mainstream media. We may not know every detail and we may not agree on your individual motives, but two facts are now irrefutable: the official story of what happened on September 11th is not true and you were involved.

Somebody, somewhere does not like you guys anymore. Somebody, somewhere has given the corporate media the OK to open the one topic that has been totally verboten up till now. Somebody, somewhere has made it permissible for hints to be dropped into the public arena.. Those hints - which focus on the reasonable suspicion that has been raised about the attacks of 9/11 - have been well received. The cover-up is disintegrating slowly but surely.

Books and documentaries are now trickling into the awareness of the general population. That trickle is turning into a steady flow that will increase every time a new set of eyes is opened to the evidence that has been amassed. Until now, the mainstream media have been the hull of the vessel that has kept the official conspiracy theory afloat. But now, for the first time, that vessel is sinking under the weight of its own lies. At this very moment, because of the distortions and secrets of the official version of 9/11, you all are beginning to drown in your own pool of lies.

Understand that this is not a case of people having different opinions as to what happened that day. This is a terribly serious situation in which some people accepted your version of 9/11 because you frightened them into doing so. They believed everything you said without asking for any corroborating evidence because you asked them to take your word as the Gospel truth. But other people looked at what you told them and began to ask common sense questions about the holes you left in the official story. They could not understand why you refused to allow a bipartisan, impartial investigation into the events of that day. They realized that the Kean Commission, formed a year after the attacks, was NOT charged with finding out what really happened. They realized that this commission was there to document your official story, regardless of how it conflicted with the evidence that had been unearthed. This second group refused to sit back and ignore what was being revealed by scholars and other experts among them, and they continued investigating this most fateful day for themselves.

Keep in mind the large majority of Americans were completely unaware there were any questions at all being raised about your official story. You guys did a yeoman’s job of getting the corporate media to do your dirty work. You got them to repeatedly report the bogus elements of the story you wanted us to accept. They did that for the better part of four and a half years, but now their shell game is over because they are no longer relevant. The independent 9/11 Truth community has bypassed your conduits to the public. Finally, researchers, authors, scientists, film makers and real journalists have assumed the role of protecting our nation from enemies domestic and it is only a matter of time before your little story is all but a bloodstain on the history files of the ruling elite.

If you don’t believe this, here’s something that will open your eyes. Get a hold of the many fine documentaries on the topic such as Loose Change 2 (click here to watch this documentary for free.) This documentary, despite its few minor flaws and disputable assertions, lays out a sampling of the unquestionably damning evidence that has been gathered. None of this evidence is speculation or accusation; it is in fact part of public record and will be hitting 300 movie screens come September. It will be viewed at even more college campus events around the nation in the months leading to the anniversary date of the attacks you have so deftly covered up.

And, just to unnerve you a bit more, at this very moment, thanks to the generosity of researchers, documentarians and individual citizens of the world, informative DVDs and books that expose the truth about 9/11 are finding their way into the hands of police officers, fire fighters, members of the military, politicians and even members of the media.

You guys aught to wake up and deal with the reality that it is only a matter of time. You can run from the truth only so long as you can keep the public from examining the evidence. And thanks to the hard work of some dedicated patriots ( a group of which I am proud to be a part), the cloak of media deception that has hidden the truth of 9/11 is being pulled aside. The truth is out there now and we are succeeding beyond all our expectations in exposing your lies.

And so, Mr.Bush, Mr. Cheney, PNAC cabal, and supporters: WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID THAT SUMMER! We know it, and you know it, but we are not going to rest for a single moment until every one else knows too!

From a patriot and a citizen of the world who wants his democracy back.
Jesse - Editor,

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  1. Ringwind says:

    Google Search: “Arrest Bush 41″

  2. The QuoMan says:

    Hear, hear!

    Will it be the chair, the noose or lethal injection for Bush and entourage?

  3. [...] » Blog Archive » Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer! September 11th, 2001 There are two groups of people in this world: those who believe the official explanation of the events of September 11th, 2001, and those who have examined the evidence and realize that the official version of events is totally unbelievable. [...]

  4. pHROZEN gHOST says:

    This is a very proud moment in history. The power really is with the people!

    One would not think that concrete can be broken with a framing hammer. But if you continue to pound away carefully, controlled and consistently, it can be done.

    From day one of the 9/11 experience I knew the “official truth” was not the real truth. Many a time I sat in my chair puzzled at how American (and other) people could easily be fed lies through the media. Over the early weeks and months that followed 9/11, the task of bringing the truth out look much like breaking concrete with a framing hammer. The Neocon cabal held all of the high cards. What could be done?

    I knew that if enough dedicated real Amercan patriots (a few helpful Can-eh-dians and others), the “concrete” could be broken. A few of the patriots have fallen by the wayside - not to be forgotten tho’. They did their part to keep the momentum going.

    The tide is most certainly turning. But the “concrete” is not yet broken. Continue to pound people. Continue to spread the word. The criminal infestation in America IS being beaten back. They do not have all of the high cards now. The aces are you the people!


    If you want my honest opinion, prison is not an appropriate punishment for these people. They’ll disappear into the system and be forgotten. You need to do something with them to set an example for all that may consider repeating their mistakes in the future. Set an example to the whole world. Let all men, women and children of the world know that America does not tolerate these types of people.

    As much as I feel it is not a humane punishment, considering the nature of the insane number of crimes - not the least of which is teason against the homeland, these people should be publicly executed in a way that the whole world can see. Show the world that the US is cleansing its wounds and that the US is a country that will right its wrongs everywhere.

    And don’t stop the battle at home. These people have infected other countries. They need to be found, weeded out and punished.

  5. larry uzarski says:


  6. pHROZEN gHOST says:

    Please excuse me Larry Uzarski. I understand you excitement. But putting these people in prison is a major mistake. Prison is reserved for the everyday criminals. These people are much worse than everyday criminals.

    They were involved in the prearranged murder of 3000 human beings in New York and uncountable numbers (some say more than 100,000) Iraqis. And Let us not forget the thousands of young Americans that were mere children thinking they were protecting their country.

    No. Prison is not the right punishment. What these people have done requires a much stiffer penalty. They must be made an example so others will not try the same thing.

    And let us not forget the various media that have purposely covered up the whole mess - knowing that doing so was a criminal act. It’s time to clean house there too! The media bosses should be treated in the same manner as the criminal elite of America. They should be stripped of their companies. They are not true Americans.

    Let’s make sure we follow the roots and get at ALL of the weeds lest they manage to resurface elsewhere.

  7. justice for9/11 says:

    My Countrymen and Women…I know just what to do with these traitors…..First, we give them due process…then we embalm, cremate and bury the bastards (take no chances)…But I want them interred on the steps of the Capital, so every future President must stand on their traitors graves when he is taking the oath of office, as a warning and a grimm reminder of the sure and certain Justice of the American People!!!!!!

  8. trout says:

    Capital punishment is a barbaric process.
    How about Life at Gitmo or Abu Ghraib?

  9. bansidh says:

    The problem has always been answering violence with violence. The best punishment for those bunch of sociopaths would be to train them as de-miners. Those are the people who clean up the unexploded bombs that monsters like Bush and Co. drop on people. If you want to be stunned , watch Aftermath. France is still cleaning up the bombs from WWI and WWII . People get killed every year in France, for God’s sake. from bombs from two wars that took place over 60 and 90 years ago. You can imagine what Afghanistan and Iraq are like. So impeach the monsters, and sentence them to a life of cleaning up the horrible mess they have made.

  10. darkanes angel says:

    i see that every body has these strong opinions.the fact of the matter is this…instead of talking about this we need to start doing something. all i ever hear is this sucks, that sucks, bush is a maniac, bush is a terrorist. WE THE PEOPLE have got to find a way to take this back. in the beginning there was revolution, and guess what…IT WORKED. people today are just sitting back content to let this madman run OUR COUNTRY into the economic gutter as he gets richer off our gas prices, our childrens lives, our tax dollars….all to feed his warmongering needs. truth be told that if all goes according to plan and we end up going to war in iran, we are not going to need to worry about to much more. our fate will be determined for us. there has got to be ways to get the people aware of whats going on, and get them in line…to demand impeachment. the government has got to listen to us sooner or later. they need to know that we exist…believe it or not… and that we the people who pay there salaries, buy their oil, and send our kids to fight their wars have had enough. i encourage people to feel free to contact me personally with your ideas, im very interested to hear what everyone is thinking, and what they have to say. im reachable at tjm1116, and thats where the mail is hot, since you cant load addresses in format. thanx for your attention, this site is great, and i am now a very avid participant of this site.

  11. pompeybob44uk says:

    Well said darkanes.

    P.S. Definitely life being sexually degraded at Abu Ghraib. Perhaps stack them all naked in a pyramid, and take lots of pictures.

  12. justice for9/11 says:

    this is what I’ve been doing…Downloading the Stevern E. Jones, and Dr. Fetzer lectures, and video tapes, as well as the testimony of the fire fighters, and janatorial staff of the WTC who witnessed the secondary explosions….I added to that the most excellent clip of “Projectile motion”…Then I bought a stack of 100 cd’s, and 100 jewel cases & started to burn baby burn, put them in jewel cases, and start dropping them off where people can see them—– Libraries, laundromats, public bulletin boards, and supermarket bulliten boards, tourist stops in the local area, the Utica Library too, and the one in Binghamton; although the idiot in the Binghamton library was a Bush ass licker, who refused to take a copy, thinking I drove 50 miles just to give the moron a computer virus, but I managed to drop off three on the way out…..They shoulden’t have screwed with N.Y. and pissed off somebody who actually helped build those buildings, they are going down, the motherfuckers!!!!!!!!

  13. FranklinS says:

    much of this is made possible through the power of the net, which has come to function as the mainstream media should. so my concern is that efforts will be made to ‘privitize’ it (the net) and reduce people’s ability to communicate. obviously, we need to guard against that.

  14. Aghast says:

    Thank goodness you are speaking out! It was clear early on that Bush and his henchmen were preventing the truth from coming out… and now it seems the truth WILL out. The world leaders who lie and cheat and kill innocents will watch aghast as this story rolls out… if it can happen in the US it can happen in the UK and so on throughout the world. Many thanks for an extremely eloquent open letter to one of the main culprits of lies and spin…Great!

  15. justice for9/11 says:

    I managed to get an 9/11 op-ed to the editor in the April 14th issue of The Daily Star, in Oneonta, N.Y..I tried to make it as short and direct as possible…I don’t know how to post it or whether it’s worthy of being posted…See if you want to put it on this most excellent blog, if you do, go ahead…….Keep swinging and we will bring the fuckers down!!!!!!

  16. justice for9/11 says:

    I just submitted this to the Oneonta Star…I don’t know if they will print it…but I’d like to post it here if you don’t mind…..

    I think I know how Moses felt when God chose him to speak to Pharoe. I’m not overly religious, I diden’t even go to Church Easter Sunday. I sure don’t want the firestorm heading my way for writing this; but it’s almost like i’m taking dictation. What I have done is see the evidence of a conspiracy, to make war on, and bring war to, the american people; to bestow upon the military industrial complex, a new, Insatiable, and unending war, with nations who never harmed us, so we could steal what is rightfully theirs; to destroy the Constitution; And make no mistake, The Constitution was the target on 9/11; to replace it with the so called, “Unitary Executive,” and Tyrany…. and God, or the inner voice, won’t let me sleep…Believe me, I’d rather just keep walking my dog and mind my own business. But, because they waited until half the NYC fire dept., and the police rescue services were on the stairwells, before they blew the buildings and murdered them, I feel compelled to speak..
    I have seen the physical evidence of the collapse of the 9/11 buildings; physics can’t lie…Only explosive force could hurl whole sections of the WTC facade, weighing hundreds of tons 600′ and send them into the roof of the winter garden; and throw other beams with such force, they were sticking out of the sides of buildings two football fields away, like arrows…They trucked off the steel so fast, under the direction of Rudy Gulliani, over the protest of the Fire Dept, who said it was a crime scene; and for good reason, because the steel would have shown the effects of thermate…For this treason, Gulliani got a medal!!!
    This is what the voice of truth says for me to tell you….”If we let them rip the Constitution out of our hands, we deserve to live in absolute tyrany for the next two hundred years!!!!!”
    In the last six years, George W. Bush has told us the truth only once, when he said, “The people who brought down the WTC buildings, attacked us because they hated our freedoms.”

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