Is Anyone Keeping Count of Bush’s Lies?

I suppose I could make my life easier by putting out a news letter that simply lists one lie told to us by George W. Bush or his administration each day! This way I would not have to think too much; I would just have to write down what they say and tell you about it. Kind of like what the news media do:-)

The latest exposed lie of George W. Bush comes in the form of the warnings and reporting about the WMD found in Iraq in the form of mobile chemical weapon trailers. You know, these are the campers that Colin Powell lied about to the U.N. Security Council! Well, now we know for a fact that these cartoon images of so called bio-labs were known, at the time of both Powell’s speech and Bush’s claims, to be something other than bio-labs. They were part of a weather balloon program.

OK…I’m waiting to hear this one explained. Obviously the broadcast media have delayed their reporting of this one so that they can get their stories straight. It will be interesting how they spin this lie into a legitimate action. Think about it!

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