Bush Told Us That “We’ll All Be Dead”. Remember? We Know Now That He Meant It!

Asked by Woodward how history would judge the war, Bush replied: “History. We don’t know. We’ll all be dead.” I don’t think anyone realized that he was stating his plan for the world. This guy is trying to kill us all and when he told us we never even noticed.

Forget the wars. Forget healthcare. Forget cutting off stem cell research. Focus on one simple issue: the environment. George W. Bush is doing everything in his power to ensure that whoever he can not kill will be killed by global warming.

He told us that he felt a dictatorship was a good thing as long as he was the dictator and we laughed; well some people laughed. But when he told us that history did not matter because we will ALL be dead…we should have taken him for his word. He was telling the truth. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    My question is why does he hate us so much. I always believed that he stole the election because he wanted to pay the nation back for rejecting his idiot father. HIs father was a f—ing loser before he hooked up with Regan and from what I have read even Regan didn’t like him. I think he had to steal the election to cover his fathers ass. Isn’t it funny that the nations he wants to eliminate first are the one’s his father sold arms to? With the revolation that came out by Mr. Hersh last week all I can do is cry. Here is a man who vacationed, ate cake and strumbed a guitar while people drowned. He’s hell bent on not only distroying America but the whole world. It doesn’t appear that anything we do can stop him.

  2. George2 says:

    I doubt that he hates us. It seems more probable that he merely wants to reduce the population to approximately 500 million (see item 1 at the Georgia Guidstones
    http://www.thegeorgiaguidestones.com/Message.htm ) so that the ecology does not collapse so that some people will remain alive and therefore be able to be alive in Israel when the Messiah arrives. You (rbank) seem to be correct when you wrote that it does not appear that there is anything we can do to stop him. This is because, as nearly as I can tell, the planning began in 135 A.D. With such extensive planning, every contingency has probably been anticipated, and a plan is already at hand to deal with it.

  3. anthny says:

    Mr Bush does hate the American way of life and yes he wants to see us dead and if we don’t die he wants us bankrupt and homeless. There was a rule that Hitler went by for propaganda…tell the biggest lie and more people will believe it…the 4th reich is alive and well….right here in the U.S.A. The rich will rule the world and we will be the slaves…I think thats what Hitler and the Nazi’s were after…Hitler followed our lead when it came to Manifest Destiny and the elimination of weaker peoples…like the Indians…the Mexicans or who ever got in our way…Canada was protected by the British or they would have been Manifested by Destiny..anyway The idiot Hitler followed the Americans lead in genocide and luckly for us he failed…you know the old saying that if you fail at history you have to repeat it and it is repeating itself today……..

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