ENOUGH with the “Discredit” Argument

I find it quite unbelievable that so many people feel that they can simply “discredit” an article or a source for pretty much any reason they want. It cracks me up when someone finds a typo, or a minor factual error somewhere on a 500 page web site and uses that as a reason to discredit one of my articles or me personally.

If you were dying and a doctor operated on you to save your life, would you discredit him/her if he/she charted your weight incorrectly by adding a zero or two? Would you now be dead because your weight was written down incorrectly or because your doctor chose to write with a crayon?

These self declared authorities never take the time to correct my errors or ask me to clarify my point. They simply discredit my entire body of work. Some people have even been so stupid as to question my credibility because of the design I chose for my website. Because they feel that the design of my web site is not professional enough for them they take it upon themselves to declare that I am not a credible person. I would like to take a moment to call these illogical people idiots. I have other thoughts about these people but I’ll leave it at that.

I am not an artist. I am not a graphic designer or a web marketing expert. I still have problems spelling my own name and I have mild dyslexia. My mother still helps me with spelling even the simplest of words. I make other mistakes too. I also have an open disclaimer on my site where I open myself to input from people who can help correct me when I am less that accurate.

That being said I will also say this…to date I have yet to find a single individual, organization or institution that has analyzed media deception as accurately as I have. I spot deception that nobody else seems to find and that is a fact. Many of my observations have surprised and impressed many of the established icons of media analysis and I am now a respected player in the world of media watchdogs.

I know this newsletter is more of verbal patting of my own back, but there is an underlying point for everyone here. The use of the “discredit” argument has to be ended. A valid point, article, opinion, discovery, invention, observation or contribution of any kind must always be evaluated on its own merit. The use of the “discredit” argument is most often used by people who can not otherwise find fault with something or someone with whom they disagree. It is the old story about shooting the messenger if you can not defeat the message. Well someone has to say this once and for all; if the message is valid the envelope is not relevant and the messenger’s imperfections are not necessarily relevant.

Evaluate the message. If you find fault in that message, correct it and contact the messenger. You will quickly discover how credible the messenger is by the response you get. Simple little formula for evaluating credibility; wouldn’t you say? Think about it!

4 Responses to “ENOUGH with the “Discredit” Argument”

  1. Hi Jesse!

    Just remember that truth cannot be discredited. It can be denied, railed against, laughed at and denigrated, but in the end the truth is still the truth. Believing something other than the truth doesn’t make the truth less than it is. You are probably familiar with George Orwell’s 1946 essay, “In Front of Your Nose” in which he says, “We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectualy, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.” We are on a battlefield of truth and lies these days - and you are helping to charge the enemy with the word of TRUTH - you are helping the naysayers to bump up against reallity. Their silly belittlings will fail them and then what will they do?

    Keep up the good work.
    We are supporting you financially and emotionally and rely on your integrity. The typos or misspellilngs, if any, do not disolve one word of your findings and writing. Thanks for what you do, and just keep doing it! Pay no attention to those who can find only typos and misspellings to think about. Shows where their minds are.

    Carl and Rusty Van Patten

  2. anthny says:

    Dear Jesse:
    You have done a hell of a job with your web…many ignorant people in the country can only deal in black and white there are no grey areas in there life and thats why they are profectsionists…I was in the printing industry for years and everything had to be black and white and stright if there is any gray areas you had to rework the dam thing and most of the time any body that received this crap in the mail would just through it a way….anyway Jess you run a good web site that keeps alot of people well informed…I also was a bit dislectic and had a hard time with the american school system…luckly I had a half a brain and did a lot of reading on my own……..anyway jesse keep the bastards on the run with all your news that the Corporations will not show us
    Sincerely Anthony V.

  3. wakeupcall says:

    Hey Jessee, Maybe your spellling or punctuation might get in the way of your passion, but don’t let negative comments get you down. When we first marketed our game, “Impeached”, on Air America, somebody commented that since we were “spending the bucks” to advertise on AA, we should have hired somebody else to do fancier graphics. They made that judgment from a partial pic that somebody had posted on Democratic Underground. Yeah, we could have outsourced and spent a whole lot of money, maybe even jobbed out the production to Mexico, India, or China, but local people make all our stuff and it does get the message out. The Cleveland affiliate of AA switched over to conservative talk, and they still have to hear our commercials! It’s worth it to get an e-mail about how the neo-cons are talking about how they HATE to hear our ads! They have to listen anyway, even though they got rid of Springer.
    Quite frankly, you’re my main go-to spot now for news you won’t hear anywhere else. Keep it up!!!

  4. rbank says:

    Jesse, I can’t spell either. THat doesn’t mean that I am not intelligent. Over the past five years I have been called a baby killer. My mother told me I hate Jesus. My niece told me that I should leave the country. At work they said I was telling my clients how to vote. I will not allow them to stop me on my impeachment campaign. I have a daughter and 53 clients that I want to have a better life. I am so thankful for your site. I am happy when I see it. Usually I spend at least an hour reading your site because I am reading things that are important to both me and my country. I have spent 5 years paying close attention and bugging my congress people. After 911 the words that keep going through my mind is “many will come in my name but you will know them by their works. After I read Ann Frank as a child I promised myself that I would never sit back and allow that to happen in my country. Thank you so much for keeping me imformed. Believe it or nor not my congressman and senators thank me for keeping informed and for calling. They wish more people would contact them. thank you and keep up the good work. We all get discouraged.

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