Sore/Strep Throat? Try this!

For those of you who live through the Bush/PNAC policy of global population reduction you may want to stock up on some grapefruit seed extract. It is an amazing anti-biotic and as long as you do not put it in your eyes it is 100% safe.

I had a bottle of this stuff in my cabinet for years but I pulled it out yesterday to give to someone who was suffering from strep throat. She had gone to the doctor and came back with 2 prescriptions. One was for a powerful anti-biotic called Azithromycin and the other was for a numbing agent called Lidocaine (the stuff the dentist injects to numb you before performing dental work).

Well, she took the antibiotic but she was still in pain. The Lidocaine had not reduced the pain at all. At this point the pain was so bad that she described it as feeling like she had swallowed shards of glass! Well, I prepared a mixture of about 6 ounces of water, a spoonful of iced tea mix and about 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract. After complaining about the terribly bitter taste it only took about 5 minutes before the bitter taste became worth putting up with. The pain diminished to about 50% of its original level.  She took the mixture two more times that day only the concentration was reduced to 10 drops each (the taste was too bitter in the stronger solution). With each dose the pain was reduced significantly within minutes. By the next morning the pain was all gone. Have you ever heard of a case where the pain from strep throat vanished within 12-15 hours of being treated by anything, even the most powerful antibiotic?

I am not saying that you should not visit a doctor or take prescribed antibiotics when you are sick, especially when something as potentially serious as a strep related bacterial infection in concerned. But I do recommend keeping some of this stuff in the house to use it in conjunction with prescribed medicine.

It has many other uses too, both for your health and for general sanitary germ killing purposes (cleaning tooth brushes, adding to soap, using in vaporizers). It is safe, natural and inexpensive. If you travel to places that may not have the cleanest water you can use a few drops of this stuff to kill the bacteria. I used it to battle Candida years ago and I found it to be more effective than the expensive antifungal medication that was prescribed to me.

Anyway, I thought I would share this tip. If we listen to what the pharmaceutical companies tell us you would wonder how the human species survived without them. Well, I think nature has a lot to offer. So before they make fruit seeds illegal in this country, pick up some of this stuff. Try it out and think of me every time your face wrinkles up after tasting this little bitter health miracle! Think about it!

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