It Happened Under Hitler Too

When I first learned about WWII and how Hitler did things like rounding up and killing people based on ethnicity, I asked the common sense question that any free thinking individual would ask: how did the people of Germany let this happen and why did the Jewish people (for example) allow themselves to be rounded up?
I wonder if free thinkers are asking similar questions about George W. Bush’s America. I wonder if a free thinker would ask how Americans permitted themselves to have their first amendment rights eliminated, without legal authority, by letting themselves get rounded up into free speech zones. I know this is not exactly what Hitler did, but it is not exactly that much different either.

This little sign of things to come started happening as soon as the Bush/PNAC administration took office. There was no 9/11, no Iraq and no war on terrorism yet we sat silently as the newly appointed administration started doing away with our Constitutional rights.

There were signs of things to come from the very inception of the George W. Bush presidential campaign. But the moment the open conduct of the newly appointed president mirrored that of a dictator we should have done something to protect our Constitution and our rights.

Never again will an American be able to comment on the notion that Germans should have seen the signs and should have stopped Hitler before he proceeded with his desires to rule the world without taking pause to ask why Americans did not see the signs when their own dictatorship was taking form. Think about it!

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  1. anthny says:

    Hitler was a hellava lier and he had big business behind him and he told everbody what they wanted to hear…wait a minute am I speaking of Bush or Hitler…dictatorships are great for bullshiting everybody to get what they want.
    I look at the 2001 election and can’t figure why the idiot was let in office. Then watching Michael Moore’s 911 video we saw Bush running to his Limo for his life…of course the News Media never showed this spectacal because he’s in there back pocket…also during Moore’s 911 we got a look at the senate when the congress was trying to get them to do something about the travesty and the President of the Senate Gore did a respectful job telling them that they need a senator on board.
    Anyway the criminals Hitler had working for him all wanted a good job in the government and lied there ass’s off…and of course the big lie theory…the bigger the lie the more people will beleive it works and it works today for Bush….well it used to work now there’s the evil web theroy that Bush can’t keep up with his lie.
    No the citizens of this once great country could not get involved in anything that makes sense to them, they need to watch the movie of the week to get an idea that somethings wrong with there president and the crooks he has working for him…….I stopped trusting this government when Kennedy was assassinated and I was 14 at the time….and mostly interested in girls. So its really whats on T.V. tonight and if it is pertinent to there lives at the moment.
    If another 911 happens we might wake up but the Enabling Act will be in effect…I mean the Patriot Act and it might be to late……anyway watching Nova the other night there was a wake up call telling everybody about the sixth extinction within the next hundred years……that means the earth will not be able to sustain life…so good luck to everybody on this spaceship and long live the Constitution.
    Sincerely Anthony V. Salvatore

  2. rbank says:

    I may be wrong but george w had to steal the election to cover for his father’s crimes during the st ronnie/king george I administration. They would no longer have Bill Clinton to take the focus off daddy. Then we needed 911 to take the focus off george w not being able to do much. 911 made him a hero. Even though he read my pet goat and went into hiding he became a fucking hero. Hitler was also a losser just like george w. Why did they put a man in office with 3 failed businesses? Then we had to have a war to help him get elected again. McCain talked about having george w run again. I have made my voice heard but it is doing little good. My sister thinks he has only a little while longer to go so we might as well just let it go on. She doesn’t know who Valery Plame is? I can tell you what was wrong with the Germans. They were scared and busy living their lifes.

  3. catlover says:

    A friend and I decided to host a screening of “Loose Change 2″ to try and wake peole up to the truth about 9/11. We put about 700 flyers on windshields and another 250were picked up from counters at busy stores. All we had show up were less than 20 people, all of whom already know the official story is a lie. Americans believe they know all they need to about 9/11 and don’t want to hear about it anymore. Unless ,of course, it’s a propaganda film that goes along with the lies of the 9/11 Commission Report.

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