McLaughlin’s Corporate Medicine Infomercial

On the McLaughlin Group program today the topic was the rising cost of health care. On this program which has as its sponsors Kaiser Permanente (health insurance company) and Pfizer (a pharmaceutical company), had representatives from both these companies on to tell the American people why health costs are rising. The conclusion these industry profiteers came too: Americans don’t take care of themselves.

Missing from this panel, anyone who represents the patients or anyone from a health cost watchdog group. Also missing from this panel: anyone who represents organizations who monitor environmental and food chain related toxins, additives or genetically modified food stuff.

McLaughlin chose to replace his usual panelists with these medical profiteers who also happen to be sponsors of his program. This program was clearly an infomercial masquerading as an open discussion of the issues.

It may also interest you that much like the other Sunday morning “fake news” programs the McLaughlin sponsors include chemical companies that for some reason sponsor “news” programs even though they get no benefit from direct to the consumer advertising.
The Sunday morning “news” programs are clearly the propaganda tools of their sponsors and today’s McLaughlin Group episode/infomericals is perhaps the most perfect example of this blatant form of media deception. Think about it!

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