An Unqualified Decider In Chief

Let us for a moment pretend that George W. Bush, or any American president for that matter, actually makes decisions for this nation. Let’s pretend that American presidents are not selected for us and instructed as to what agenda to carry out by organizations like the mysterious Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Let’s pretend that George W. Bush, an intellectual imbecile, is actually making decisions that affect our nation.

I ask this one question regarding George W. Bush and his decision making: How is this man qualified to make decisions on issues that he had no knowledge of prior to his appointment to the office of president? This man had no understanding of world affairs, history, culture, war, combat, veteran’s issues, science, the environment, human rights or geography. As a matter of fact George W. Bush is most likely the shallowest and most uninformed individual to ever inhabit the White House yet people trust him to be the “decider” on issues of global importance? A man that knows nothing about science being a decider on issues of global warming. A man who knows nothing about history or other cultures is making decisions related to the structure of five thousand year old cultures. A man who never stepped foot on a battle field making decision on wars that will last for generations.

Why is there no competency test for people who hold office in this nation? Are we really foolish enough to believe that “likeability” is the only quality required in order to lead a nation? Well, if I were to be the decider of this issue I would set some serous standards and requirement for future deciders in chief and I’d bet the ranch that George W. Bush would not meet a single one of my standards. Think about it!

2 Responses to “An Unqualified Decider In Chief”

  1. rbank says:

    Thanks Jesse, Well said. But he was voted in because he doesn’t believe in abortion or gay marriage. (So the media says). I wonder how important these issues are now that they are paying $3per gallon at the pump?

  2. WillyD says:

    Bush and Company “stole” the last two elections. The “big money” corporate handlers did not want a competent person in charge. They sure got what they wanted. We will all be paying for this for years to come.

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