About Tony Snow – What You Don’t Know – Can You Say Council on Foreign Relations?

For those of you who continue to dismiss the notion that the U.S. government is not exactly what it appears to be and that the U.S. is controlled by people and bodies outside the officially accepted governmental body, the appointment of Tony Snow to White House Press Secretary should serve as an example of this not so hidden power behind the scenes.

Tony Snow is a well known “journalist” for the FOX News Channel. But did you know that he is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?  Did you know he has no education in journalism? Tony graduated with a Batchelor of Arts degree and he studied among other things philosophy, an interesting line of study for someone who supposedly practices journalism; a field in which opinion and philosophy (should) play no role.

Fitting into the recent tradition of journalistic conflicts of interests by our corporate media Tony Snow served as a speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush.

While everyone is focusing on the implications of Snow’s appointment as it relates to the Bush administration’s cozy little relationship with their PR firm known as the FOX News Channel, you should really be focusing on the cozy little relationships between the CFR and the corporate media and between the CFR and our government. The CFR is in fact a secret society. Well, at least it is run like it is a secret society. Just check out their membership rules. You can not apply for a job there. Their membership rules are similar to those of the Skull and Bones secret society, although the initiation rituals may greatly differ.

Who funds the CFR? Why is it so influential? Why has its members been drawn from media outlets and governmental institutions?
While it may appear that it draws its members from these institutions a more accurate way of describing the proliferation of CFR members in the media and in government is to say that the CFR has operatives scattered among the institutions of government and media. Why? Who is behind this? Who funds this? Who permits this?

When a journalist is a member of an organization that is involved in the political processes of our nation that journalist is no longer fair, balanced or unbiased. Inside players can not act as outside observers. Journalists are not supposed to be inside players.

Groups like the Council on Foreign Relations must not be allowed to continue to infiltrate our institutions of democracy. There must be full disclosure and transparency where groups like this are involved. Those of you who think this is simply paranoia need to start researching this on your own. The closer you look the more alarmed you will become and the picture of the real power behind our government will become disturbingly clear to you. Think about it!

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