Iraq: Bush & PNAC Have Lit the Fuse

Whatever position you take in regards to the invasion of Iraq there is one clear fact that can not be debated. In the same way that one would release potential energy from a stick of dynamite by lighting its fuse the Bush/PNAC administration has lit a fuse in Iraq releasing its catastrophic potential.

Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was in a sense a stick of dynamite, or more accurately a bundle of dynamite sticks. Saddam personally was responsible for preventing many of the fuses from being lit. He kept many of these fuses dry by using brutal tactics however.

Enter the Bush/PNAC administration with their torch of freedom. They stormed into Iraq lighting fuse after fuse. We stand now watching the fireworks show brought to you by the actions of the Bush/PNAC administration.

One has to wonder if the actual goal of their operation was to light these fuses. It seems as if they did everything in their power to light each fuse and they did everything in their power to prevent anyone or anything from doing anything to keep the fuses dry. Now they have their excuse for keeping military presence in Iraq and they have their excuse for keeping the river of no-bid contract $billions flowing into their friends pockets.

This administration seems to have set a clear pattern where they get to do things that nobody would ever agree to only because of the existence of excuses of their own making. From 9/11 to the self manufactured instability in Iraq a trail of Bush/PNAC administration manufactured excuses pave the only possible path for their otherwise unacceptable agenda. Think about it!

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  1. PeterFript says:

    “War Is A Racket”, Jesse. What better way to maintain a steady stream of maximal profit for people and companies that already make the most money in American society (some of which happen to be directly or peripherally involved with The Carlyle Group, and Haliburton and its subsidiaries)like oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, armaments manufacturers, air vehicle manufacturers, medical supply manufacturers, civilian airlines, hospitals, hotel chains, food product manufacturers, textile merchants, printing companies and mass media purveyors, ad infinitum, than to maintain an endless, limitless state of war. Remember the pre-9.11 stock trades? Creating a war in the Middle East is akin to the advertising people setting up a non-issue like “ring around the collar” so their clients can make millions selling products that provide solutions. It’s like printing money for those plutocrats. The Iraq War is about a lot of things like a desire for American hegemony, American control of a major source of fossil fuels, American desire for a strategic piece of the Middle East. Those are all high and lofty goals really. Mainly, the Iraq War is another war and wars are about very rich people making themselves even more rich. Don’t forget IBM’s dealings with the Nazis during WWII, and Prescott Bush and his banking and brokerage buddies having done the same. Surely other people can add to that list the names of many other well known American multi-national corporations. Lighting those fuses created decades of guaranteed income for countless wealthy people and trust funds for as many future generations of Bushes as can procreate before the human species self-extinguishes and the Earth goes about its business of healing itself.

  2. thisischer says:

    I have been following the PNAC for a long time and trying to educate people. Everything that has happened in some way is in their document. They lay it out in bullet points and yet people cannot wrap their mind around it.
    I went to see United 93 when it opened. I went out of morbid curiousity. What struck me was that not only were there no demonstrators anywhere there were only less than 20 of us in the theater watching.
    If people cannot face the “official” 911 story how will they ever face the truth?

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