Fox News, Most Trusted?

FOX News has been voted the most trusted source of news by Americans. For years CNN had staked claim to title of most trusted name in news. Please take note: most trusted does not mean most trustworthy!

People trusted Charles Manson. People trusted Adolph Hitler. People trust con men too. Being most trusted is not a reflection of ones trustworthiness.

When one claims that they are the most trusted source of news in America that title is not worth bragging about.  It is like having a company whose motto is “we suck less!” Being the group of liars that is trusted more than other liars is nothing to brag about.

What this also reflects is the fact that we have a large bunch of morons out there who still trust the corporate media. Well, I would like to meet these people who still trust our media; I have a bridge to sell them! Think about it!

2 Responses to “Fox News, Most Trusted?”

  1. deanasc says:

    And people trusted Jesse until she turned out to be a phlog. Do you honestly believe no plane hit The Pentagon?

  2. Jesse says:

    Jesse is a he. And if you can read I did not say a plane did not hit the Pentagon. I asked why they did not show us the wreakage.

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