CNN Protects the Pharmaceutical Companies, Betrays Their Viewers…Again

Today CNN aired a report on autism in America. They discussed the personal side of families living with autism. They also mentioned that one in a hundred children born in America is autistic. That is 1% of the entire newborn population.

They discussed how autism is caused. They questioned the possibility of genetics being involved and they discussed the chances of twins and siblings being autistic.

Not once during their entire report did they even mention the concern of the many people who have pointed to vaccinations as a possible cause of autism. There is a great deal of suspicion that the mercury in the vaccine preservative called Thimerosal has been responsible for the autism epidemic.

A news report about autism where it’s possible causes are discussed that omits any discussion about the issue of vaccines can not be considered anything except deception. There is no conclusive evidence of what causes autism at this time and for a journalist to simply omit one of the suspect causes which happens to be a pharmaceutical product, can only be considered corporate cronyism and a betrayal of the people who rely on journalists to keep them fully informed.

On a personal note I know of two people who have children that seem to be victims of vaccine induced autism. A former staff member of mine (in a past job) had to take emergency leave when his daughter fell into vegetative state only hours after being vaccinated. She remains in this state even now, years later. Another friend of mine has a son who shortly after being vaccinated experienced a permanent semi-withdrawal from the world around him and now has multiple mental developmental problems.

Mercury is a poison that affects your nervous system To pretend that injecting mercury into a developing child is safe and has caused no problems is simply ludicrous. Do we really need to prove something in a lab before we accept the reasonable concerns surrounding vaccines?

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  1. rbank says:

    I think you may be on to something Jesse, but our children seem to have alot of behavior problems that weren’t there before. Could it be the additives in our food or the fast food we eat?

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