– Suddenly Newsworthy – Do you know Why?

Have you noticed that has been getting a lot of attention lately? Internet predator and potential school massacre “news: stories” seem to involved quite often lately. You know there are millions of websites and Internet communities but these sensational news stories suddenly seem to focus on those devilish people who leave a criminal trail on

Well, have you ever heard the expression “the only bad publicity is no publicity?” Whenever these stories hit the networks you can bet millions of people are scrambling over to their computers to check out You can even bet that these news stories are attracting more pedophiles and such over to join up; after all other predators are meeting their victims on that site and the news networks are helping to spread the word to any pedophiles who have not heard of the site. Business is business.

Well if you ask my why all this new attention is being paid to it is because Rupert Murdoch just forked over a half a billion dollars (actually $580 billion) to buy and he is doing everything he can to get publicity for his new media venture. That’s right; I think that the owner of FOX News has his pals at all the networks promoting his business. Well, you have to wonder why all of a sudden this site is making headlines. It is not new web site; it was only newly purchased…by a media mogul. Come on, do the math…out of all the websites in the world became the focus of the news networks; is it merely a coincidence that this happened after the owner of a few networks bought it?     Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Gee, I thought the media was talking about mysite to scare us. It seems like all they report about on CNN is things to make us afraid. Anything to keep the focus off what is really important.

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