Security or Secrecy? How Stupid Are We? Apparently Very!

It has become clear that all one has to do in order to conceal criminal activity at the highest level in government is to say that the issue can not be investigated because of national security concerns. What has become even clearer is that the term “national security” has become code-speak for “cover up!”

The American people are just about the stupidest collective body ever to walk the face of the Earth. We accept crimes committed against us with open arms and cheering approval. We cheer as our government contaminates our food supply (genetically modified food), creates weapons that can end life on earth, explodes nuclear devices poisoning our world (and us) forever, resurrects and strengthens viruses that have killed 50 million people (Spanish Flu), bypasses our Constitutional laws by conducting black ops all over the world illegally overthrowing democratically elected leaders and supporting the worst human rights violators the world has ever seen. We just cheer away because we think anything that is wrapped in an American flag is just wonderful.

Here is how stupid we are…we were told that one person, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone to kill one person, President John F. Kennedy. Then we watched as Mr. Oswald was murdered. So we have a situation where one person posed a threat to another person. Well the person who was threatened is no longer in danger because he is dead and the person who posed the threat is no longer a danger to anyone because he too is dead. Then we are told that we can not see the records of the investigation for 99 years because of “national security!” Does anyone else see the absurdity of this argument? The person who posed the threat is dead! Either there is more to the story or the claim that a single dead person still poses a security risk to our nation is clearly a lie. Whichever explanation you accept it still proves that we were lied to and secrets were kept with no reasonable explanation ever provided to or demanded from the public…and we simply accepted this.

So today we have what appears to be the most criminal administration and Congress in history. The Bush administration is making it standard practice to violate the Constitution and Congress is systematically dismantling our Constitution by signing into law acts that violate virtually all laws that protect the citizens from a government that tries to abuse its power. And whenever a patriot tries to address this situation the prefabricated excuse of “national security” is thrown out to defend the people who are raping our Constitution. And guess what…we accept this.

My question to you is this…how much more of this should we accept? When does a nation decide to completely replace their government? How many years of non-representation is a citizenry supposed to accept from their elected (questionable assumption these days), officials?

When millions of people have to sign petitions and travel in person for the purpose of begging their representatives to actually represent them it may be time for the people to do more than just protest.   Think about it!

2 Responses to “Security or Secrecy? How Stupid Are We? Apparently Very!”

  1. rbank says:

    I do think my congress people are getting tired of me. I called this morning due to the tax cuts to the 1%. You see my clients are loosing half of their ADC grants, comodities for the elderly, having to pay copays on their gentic medications (which for the mentally ill just don’t work). Calling congress people doesn’t work. Praying doesn’t work. I don’t know what else to do. To more blows today, tax cuts and hearing that george w is using my phone company to spy on me. Not a good beginning to the day.

  2. dori says:

    My Congress person is Tom Reynolds. Very bad. But he does represent the thinking of most of the people in this area. How depressing is that? And yes, I agree, I am contacting my Senators and Reynolds constantly. I could paper the whole house with Reynolds answers–all the same. “I have taken note of your opinion but I have to do what I believe to be right.” Yes, of course, very right(wing)!

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